Silesian Models
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Resin kits, originally from Poland, now made in Germany. Silesian also has a line of accessories.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
7201 Peugeot DMA    
7202 Opel Blitz 1,5 t Pritsche    
7203 Renault AHR Holzpritsche With just 11 pieces, it isn't hard to figure out what goes where with this kit, but the instructions are pretty disappointing nonetheless. The instructions note that the builder must supply the drive-shaft. Presumably, this requires two pieces of thin rod but the number of pieces needed isn't clear from the instructions. You'll have to fit it together to figure that out. For the premium price, I expected a presentation more like that of a Wespe kit. Perhaps, with the investment comes the expectation that the builder knows all about the vehicle.

Also not provided are decals, clear film for the windows, any significant interior details for the cab (there are two seats molded in place, but no steering wheel), or a cover for the truck bed. It's a no frills kit, which just provides you with the basic vehicle to adorn as desired. It would have been nice, if some information on the vehicle were provided, such as its use or non-use in French and German service.

As for what's provided, there's a fair amount of flash on the pieces and some big casting blocks to be removed from very visible places, such as the top of the cab. Just the same, the detail's not bad, once you scrape off all the flash. - George Buzby

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7204 Citroen 23L late    
7205 Renault AHR Gasgenerator    
7206 Steyr 1500 SANKRA    
7207 Mercedes 170V    
7208 Mercedes 170V Kastenlieferwagen    
7209 Opel Blitz 1,5 t Bus    
7210 Renault ADR 1   Preview  Erwin Bovyn 
7212 Henschel 3t    
7214 Ford 917 Koffer    
7216 Peugeot DMA Koffer    
Lancia 3 Ro Einheitsausführung    


Mercedes MB300 Pritsche (Hoch)    


Lancia 3 Ro (late)  

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
SM01 Wooden boxes (16 pcs.)    
SM02 Fuel drums 200 Liters Wehrmacht (8 pcs)    
SM03 Wehrmacht 20 Liters Jerry Cans    
SM04 US Army 5 gallons Jerry Cans    
SM05 NATO 20 Liters Jerry Cans  
SM06 British Jerry Cans (1944)  

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