3.7cm PaK 36 auf Renault UE(f)

Kit #: PS720142 Preview by - Rob Haelterman


Picture from Henk of Holland website, used with permission.



The Renault Type UE was originally conceived and built as an artillery and mortar tractor and could carry roughly 350kg in a stowage box on the rear deck and tow 600kg of weapons or ammunition in the trailer. Although designed principally by Renault, a number of other manufacturers also produced the UE, including Fouga, AMX and Berliet. The first vehicles were available to the French Army in the early 1930's. [1]

The small UE had room for only a crew of two, and they were seated on either side of the centrally mounted Renault 85 engine. This 38hp engine and the attached three-speed transmission (with one reverse gear) with front sprocket drive enabled the diminutive vehicle to cruise on road surfaces at roughly 30mph with a cruising range of 112 miles. Although published numbers vary wildly, there may have been as many as 6,700 vehicles manufactured in France before construction ceased in 1940. [1]

A tracked trailer was specifically designed for this vehicle. Many Chenillettes were captured by the Germans after the fall of France and they proved to be very popular. A number were modified to suit various roles, one of them (a light tankhunter) is the subject of this review. Note that the Germans already used the Chenillette in this role during the battle for France by simply strapping a complete Pak36 on top of the vehicle (see picture below).

A substantial number of vehicles survive to this day.


The kit

This kit combines the sprue for the Chenillette of kit 720140 with the Pak36 and decals of the Kettenkrad kit 720087. This time the decals would actually come in handy, even though their use is not mentioned in the manual. This means that you will be left with a spare gun carriage. The wheels of this carriage are actually very useful for owners of kit 720163 (the Sd.Kfz.253), as they are good replacements for the front wheels in the latter kit. Alternatively, you could build the kit as in the picture below.

Picture from "Matériels Terrestres 39/45". More pictures to be found over there or here.

The first impression of the Pak is that it is a simple, but nice kit. As the price difference between kits 72040 and 72042 is minute, the latter is better value for money.

Pictures from Henk of Holland website, used with permission.


Below are some pictures I took at the Brussels War Museum, which might be useful.



[1] AFV Interiors. Long defunct



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