FCM Char 2C Super Heavy Tank

Kit # F9

Preview by Miro Baric - baricz(at)smallscaleafv.com
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Ostmodels from Tasmania has long been known as a producer of 1/76 resin kits. More recently, Ostmodels also started producing some interesting subjects in 1/72. One of them is the French "monster tank" FCM 2C.

The kit is sealed only in a plastic bag, but it arrived by mail safely packed in a sturdy cardboard box. The biggest part is the hull, which is made in one piece. Then you get the turrets, guns, pair of drive sprockets, tracks, exhausts, side doors, towing hooks and antenna. That's all. Although big, the kit itself is very simple – but not simplified.
All of the casting blocks are already removed, and only minor sanding is necessary. There are only a few air bubbles and only some flash, which can be easily removed. The real vehicle was covered with many rows of rivets, which are perfectly reproduced.
The door on the port side has hinges on the wrong side, but it can be easily fixed: just remove the hinges and make new ones on the opposite side of the hole for the doors. Of course, you must also modify the door itself.
According to my references, the width is exactly 1/72, but the hull is slightly longer and closer to 1/70. But with a kit of this size, I doubt if anyone will notice the difference. Speaking of size: for better illustration I made a comparison photo with a Tiger tank, so everyone can see what I am talking about. It had to be an impressive sight, when these monsters rolled across the battlefield. But they came too late for WWI, and were too obsolete for WWII.

Instructions and markings
There are no decals, and instructions are reduced to a sheet of paper with a photo and drawings of the real tank. You may visit the Henk of Holland website, where you can find helpful images of the assembled kit (http://henk.fox3000.com/Ostmodels.htm)
As far as I know, the only decals available are made by Black Lion. On their sheet No. 72031 (The interbellum years) they offer markings for tank No. 97 „Normandie“.

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Article Last Updated: 13 June 2010