Black Dog

British ARV Sherman

Kit #: T72041 Preview by Rob Haelterman

This set seems to be a re-release of the Goffy set #7263. Judging by the difference in boxtops there might be some minor difference. The lack of the M2 machine gun in the Black Dog kit and a slightly different stowage arrangement can be spotted.

I have seen British ARVs based on the M4A2 (Sherman III) and M4A4 hull (Sherman V); this kit represents the former. I consider myself to be no specialist when it comes to Shermans, but one possible unit that could have used this vehicle would be 27th AB. 27th was outfitted with M4A2s in North-Western Europe and would possible have its ARVS based on the same tank.

The kit comes in a sturdy side-opening cardboard box, stuffed with a very large number of parts.

Casting quality, in general, is very good, with nicely done weld beads. Nevertheless

  • a small sink in rear left hull plate;
  • a big mold block at the rear of the hull;
  • a casting deficiency in the crew compartment;
  • a broken lifting eye

could be found in my specimen.

While the drivers' hatches are separate, the underlying openings are rather shallow and would not accept more than a "half-figure". The main compartment (also with separate hatches) has the correct depth, but has no undercut below the top hull plate. While virtually impossible to remedy due to the hull being one solid piece, I used my motortool to good effect to give at least the impression of a hollow hull. Adding some figures will hide the limitations of my handiwork.

Undercutting the hull - at this stage it still needs to be cleaned up a bit.

Instructions are limited to eight black and white pictures (and two color pictures on the box). While the main assembly is rather straightforward, I can only pray that I will manage to put all the extra equipment and stowage in the right place.

Marking options are not given and decals are absent.

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Article Last Updated: 07 December 2013