Black Dog
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Resin accessories and conversion sets and the occasional full kit. Black Dog also has a line of figures and diorama items.

Kit No. Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
T72001 USMC LAV-25 Iraq War Accessory set For Trumpeter Preview    
T72002 M11126 Stryker Iraq war accessory set For Trumpeter      
T72003 M1A1 Abrams Iraq war accessory set For Dragon      
T72004 AAVP7A1 RAM/RS accessory set For Dragon      
T72005 AAVP7A1 RAM/RS EAAK accessory set For Dragon Preview    
T72006 M2 Bradley Iraq war accessory set For Dragon      
T72007 T-72 M1 CZ For Revell      
T72008 M4A3 Sherman Sandbags accessory set For Dragon


T72009 US modern equipment accessory set 1        
T72010 US modern equipment accessory set 2        
T72011 US modern equipment accessory set 3        
T72013 Panther G turret For Dragon 7233      
T72014 LAV-R accessories set For Trumpeter      
T72015 M113A3 accessories set For Trumpeter      
T72016 M3 Half Track & GPA For Academy Preview    
T72017 M60A1 accessory set For Revell      
T72018 SdKfz9 Famo accessory set For Revell Preview    
T72019 Opel Blitz canvas For Academy      
T72020 Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.E stowage For Trumpeter      
T72021 M4A3 Iwo Jima For Dragon    
T72022 King Tiger Henschel Turret For Dragon      
T72023 T-34/85 composite turret For Dragon      


Food supplies









Egyptian SPG 122 mm

For Dragon/Revell.      


Israeli equipment set 1



Israeli equipment set 2


Israeli equipment set 3



IDF M113 Fitter

Resin conversion with interior and PE parts. For Trumpeter      


IDF M113 Command vehicle

Resin conversion with interior and PE parts. For Trumpeter.      


German WW2 equipment accessories set



US modern (Vietnam) equipment accessories set



IDF M113 Experimental

Resin and PE      


LVT A4 accessories set

For Dragon      


Pz.Kpw.III Ausf.N DAK accessories set



US WW2 equipment accessories set



Chevrolet 30 cwt accessory set

For Dragon      


M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo

For Dragon Preview
T72041 Sherman ARV Full kit Preview    


Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.D upgrade set Resin and PE for Dragon kit      


ShermanFirefly with Hessian camo

Resin for Dragon kit      


M113 Nagmas For Trumpeter      


IDF M113 Kasman For Trumpeter      
T72046 M109 A2        
T72047 T-55 Enigma For Trumpeter      
T72048 Sherman stowage For Dragon      
T72049 Cromwell hessian tape camo For Revell      
T72050 M-24 Chaffee upgrade set For Hasegawa      
T72054 DB L-4500S cargo set For Schatton      
T72055 Tentage & bedrols - set 1        
T72056 Tentage & bedrols - set 2        
T72057 Tentage & bedrols - set 3        
T72058 Sd.Kfz.263 upgrade For Roden/Dragon      
T72059 Stug.III Ausf.G upgrade For Revell      


T-54A For Trumpeter      
T72061 Centurion Mk.III        
T72062 Tiran 4 For Trumpeter      
T72063 SAS Jeep Africa 1942 For Dragon      
T72064 SAS Chevrolet Africa 1942 For Dragon      
T72065 SAS Jeep & Chevrolet Africa 1942 For Dragon      
T72066 Magach 6B for Revell kit Preview    
T72067 Pz.II Ausf.C accessories for S-Model/Attack kits      
T72068 Opel Blitz Einheits accessories for Roden kit      
T72069 DUKW accessories set For Italeri      
T72070 DUKW canvas set for Italeri kit      
T72071 Merkava Mk.III accessories for Trumpeter kit      
T72072 IDF M113 with sandbags for Trumpeter kit      
T72073 IDF M113 with loudspeaker for Trumpeter kit      
T72074 M3 Scout car for Italeri/Esci      
T72075 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1 for Dragon      
T72076 Churchill Mk. V with Hessian camo for Dragon      
T72077 Sd.Kfz.251 accessories for Dragon kit      
T72078 Sd.Kfz.7 accessories for Revell kit      
T72079 M-10 accessories for UM kit    
T72080 Sd.Kfz. 10 with Sd.Ah.32 accessories for MK72 kit      
T72081 Land Rover 110 Defender Hard Top        
T72082 US Jeep accessories        
T72083 Beobachtungspanzer UE / 3,7 PaK 36 auf UE for S-Model kit      
T72084 GMC 353 accessories        
T72085 M4A1 Sherman accessories      
T72086 Sd.Ah.32 & Sd.Ah.24        
T72087 M3A3 Stuart accessories for S-Model      
T72088 Landrover 110 Defender        
T72089 T938 Cargo accessories set        
T72090 SdKfz. 222 accessories set        
T72091 British Equipment accessories set        
T72092 Aircraft crash handling & salvage crane (CVCC)        
T72093 SdKfz.251 Ausf.D with Hotchkiss turret for Dragon      
T72094 IDF M-151 accessories set for S-Model      
T72095 AS-90 stowage For Trumpeter      
T72096 Bedford QL load For IBG      
T72097 Chevrolet C15 load For IBG      
T72098 T-34/85 factory 122 mod.1945 For Trumpeter      
T72099 M26 Pershing accessories For Trumpeter      
T72100 Warrior stowage For Trumpeter      
M4A3 105mm HVSS stowage For Dragon    
Opel Blitz Omnibus stowage For Roden      
T72103 FWD model B Lorry load For Roden      
T72104 ZIL-157 load for ICM kit      
T72105 Opel 3.6-47 Omnibus stabwagen stowage for Roden kit      
T72106 Vomag Omnibus 7/660 accessories set for Roden kit      
T72107 M35 Gun truck for Academy kit      
T72108 M-48 "NAM" for Esci/Italeri kit      
T72109 Churchill Mk.IV frame fascine for Dragon kit      
T72110 M1A2 Abrams TUSK stowage for Tiger Model kit      
T72111 M109 A6 Paladin stowage for Riich kit      
T72112 Bren Carrier accessories set for IBG kit      
T72113 Sd.Kfz.233 Stummel accessories set for Roden kit      
T72114 M-109 A2 engine for Riich kit      
T72115M977 cargo canvas cover
T72116Rolls-Royce 1920 stowagefor Roden kit
T72117Pz.Kpfw.V Panther ammo & crates (Pzgr.Patr.39 Kwk42)
T72118Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.B King Tiger ammo & crates (Pzgr.Patr.39 Kwk43)
T72119Pz.Kpfw.IV ammo & crates (Pzgr.Patr.39 Kwk40)
T72120Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger ammo & crates (Spgr L/45)
T72121M3 Grant stowagefor Mirage kit
T72122Otter stowagefor IBG kit
T72123Pz. Kpfw.IV stowagefor Dragon kit
T72124Staghound stowagefor RPM kit
T72125WW2 Soviet 122mm ammo with crates
T72126WW2 Soviet 76mm ammo with crates
T72127T-34/85 85mm ammo with crates
T72128IS-2 stowage
T72129ISU-152 ammo boxes
T72130Pz.kpfw.VI Tiger I stowage
T72131Crusader stowage
T72132Jagdpanther stowagefor Zvezda kit
T72133SU-100 ammo with crates
T72139WW2 Soviet 45mm ammo & crates
T72140T-34/76 stowagefor Zvezda kit

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
D72001 Cobblestone street resin model base 130x70 mm      


Factory entrance resin model base 125x75 mm       


Africa base         


Destroyed T-34 base         


Iraqi street base         


Rock base        


Africa column base        
D72008 Russian village house base        
D72009 European house ruin base        
D72010 Middle east street base        
D72011 Poster Pillar        


Destroyed bridge base        
D72013 Africa road with sign base        
D72014 Street with house ruin base 150x110mm      
D72015 Kiosk-tobacco / newspaper        
D72016 Cathedral ruin base 150x110mm      
D72017 Middle East market base 150x110mm      
D72018 Ruined house with railway crossing 150x100mm      
D72019 Destroyed Panther 145x90mm      
D72020 Skulls (56pc)        
D72021 Destroyed Jagdpanzer base 145x90mm      
D72022 Middle East street base - no.2 145x90mm      
D72023 Street with house ruin base no.2 150x90mm      
D72024 Wall with gate base 150x90mm      
D72025 Midle East higway base 150x90mm      
D72026 Roadblocks        
D72027 Wall with gate base - set 2 50x90mm      
D72028 Ruined factory with railroad base 150x90mm      
D72029 Ruined Italian house base 150x70mm      
D72030 Railway station base 140x90mm      
D72031 WWII street base 150x90mm      
D72032 Sandbag armored wall (HESCO) - set 1        
Sandbag armored wall (HESCO) - set 2        
D72034 Sandbag armored wall (HESCO) - set 3        
D72035 Israeli street base (150x90mm)        
D72036 Middle east street base - no.3 (150x90 mm)        
D72037 Israeli walls        
D72038 Guard tower base (150x90mm)        
D72039 Street with house and lamp base (150x90mm)        
D72040 Plastic roadblocks        
D72041 Waste containers        
D72042 Sorted waste containers        
D72043 Sorted waste containers - set 3        
D72044 Rubble containers        
D72045 House corner base (100x90mm)        
D72046 House with gate base (150x90mm) 3 pieces (ground plate, two building sections). Tower warped at its base (or more likely badly aligned master); difficult to remedy. Very few air bubbles but traces of worn molds. Main buildings hollow without detail. Best to leave blanked off (even though the wall of the tower that "peeps" into the lower building has detail. - R. Haelterman  Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
D72047 Pacific bunker base (150x90mm)        
D72048 House ruin base (150x90mm) 6 pieces (ground plate, two wall sections, wooden floor and two windows). No warping; many air bubbles in cobblestones (some elsewhere too) and traces of worn molds. No detail on backsides of wall sections (which remain highly visible). Windows need to be damaged to match the building. - R. Haelterman

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

D72049 Palace base (150x90 mm)        
D72050 House base (145x90mm)        
D72051 Garage base (145x90mm)        
D72052 Bridge base (100x90mm)        
D72053Street with house ruin - base No.3 (150x90mm)
D72054House ruin with well base (150x100mm)
D72055WW2 Airfield base (165x140mm)
D72056Vietnam Hue street base (140x90mm)
D72057WW1 airfield hangar base (170x140mm)
D72058Factory hall base130x80 mm
D72059Berlin street base120x100 mm
D72060Brick wall160 mm long
D72061Desert ruin base140x100 mm
D72062Stone fence190 mm long
D72063Airfield base165x160mm
D72064House passageway base120x100mm
P72002 WWII Russian Propaganda posters        
P72003 WWII British Propaganda posters        
P72004 WWII U.S. Propaganda posters        
P72005 WWII German & Nazi collaboration propaganda posters        

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
T72012 US tank crew and civilian  


T72051U.S. modern tank crew    
T72052IDF tank crew    
T72053Bundeswehr tank crew    
T72134WW2 Russian tank crew - winter
T72135WW2 Russian tank crew 2x3 figures
T72136WW2 British tank crew 2x3 figures
T72137WW2 German tank crew 2x3 figures
T72138WW2 U.S. tank crew 2x3 figures
T72141WW2 German U-boot crew - set 12x3 figures
T72142WW2 German U-boot crew - set 2 2x3 figures

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