Armand P. Bayardi

German Fuel Drums (Combo)

Kit #: M72/5 Preview by Rob Haelterman

The set contains 15 drums, with fine detail and cleanly cast in a pale yellow resin. There are three types:

  1. Undamaged. These five barrels seem identical, but different from the ones in another Bayardi set. The barrels in this set have a cap on top and one on the side, while the barrels in the other set have two caps on top. The difference is understandable as this set represents German barrels, while the other represents US barrels, even though I don't know how many modelers will be able to spot that.
  2. Slightly battered. These five barrels have small dents in the sides and are subtly different from one another.
  3. Crushed. Again the five barrels are damaged in a different manner.

Each drum has a small remnant of a pour stub on the underside, however as long as the drums are to be shown upright, they can be used without any cleanup. In fact, they are, by far, the best fuel drums in Braille scale that I have seen so far.

Preview samples were a gift from a friend.

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Article Last Updated: 15 April 2017