Armand P. Bayardi

55-Gal. Drums (Undamaged)

Kit #: M72/6 Preview by Will Alcott - will_alcott(at)yahoo(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

The set contains 10 drums, cleanly cast in a pale yellow resin. The head of each drum has a large and small cap. The sides of the drum are plain, with neither dents nor a side bung (opening). Each drum has a small remnant of a pour stub on the underside, however as long as the drums are to be shown upright, they can be used without any cleanup.\

I measured the maximum diameter as 8.23 mm, while the height of the drum is 12.07 mm. This scales out almost exactly to 1/72 based on the real dimensions of 23.5 inches diameter by 34.5 inches high.

Armand P. Bayardi offers 3 additional sets of 55-gal drums: M72/7, with 10 dented drums; M72/8 with 10 crushed drums; and M72/9 with a combination of 5 undamaged, 5 dented and 5 crushed drums.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 31 October 2016