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Vey little is known about this manufacturer and the list is far from complete. They might be out of business with the line going to T.M. Diorama. Country of origin seems to be Poland.

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72.01 Field box for airplane        
72.02 Corner house ruins        
72.03 Apartment house ruins        
72.04 Prussian House ruins        
72.05 Factory ruins        
72.06 Street part        
72.07 Church ruins        
72.08 House ruins        
72.09 Country house ruins Double use of kit number ?      
72.09 Village house Vacform. Contains two sheets of plastic, resp. for a wall and a roof.
Double use of kit number ?
72.10 Church ruin Vacform.      
72.11 Apartment house ruins        
72.12 House ruins        
72.13 House ruins        
72.14 Apartment house ruins        
72.15 Belfry        
72.16 Windmill        
72.17 Manor House        
72.18 Watermill        
72.19 Bunker MG Post        
72.20 Bunker 2 MG Post        
72.21 Village farm        
72.22 Street Part 2        


Street with doorstep        

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