T.M. Diorama
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Diorama items from Poland. Made from vacuform plastic. Some kits feature an interior. These may have been marketed previously under the Rémi brand name.

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72.01 Arcade        
72.02 House with Oriel Window        
72.03 Gate ruins        
72.04House "Under the Ball"
72.05 Terrace Ruins        
72.06 Bank Ruins        
72.08Old Building


72.10 Corner House        
72.11Hotel Ruins
72.12City Hall Ruins
72.13 House ruins 2        


72.15House ruins
72.16 House ruins 3        
72.17House Ruins III
72.18 Cafe ruins        
72.19Cobblestone pavement
72.21 Warsaw 44-45 Bunker        
72.22 Warsaw 1944-45 Ghetto        
72.23 WWII 88mm AA Position        
72.24 WWII Observation Bunker        
72.25Ruins with a stoveWith interior
72.26RuinsWith interior & chimney
72.27 Blacksmith Ruins        
72.28 Workshop Ruins        
72.29 Artillery Observation Post        
72.30Front line bunker
72.31Cobblestone pavement with rails
72.32 The Carpenter's shop        

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Kit list last updated 29 October 2013