From Ukraine. I believe that these are all out of production. Some of these kits (the BTRs) were also marketed by MAC Distribution. Most of the following kits are also marketed by ICM.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72001 Ural-375D - Cargo Truck        
72002 Ural-375D - Command Truck        
72003 ATZ-5-375 Fuel Truck Based on Ural-375 truck.      
72004 Ural-4320 - Cargo Truck        
72005 Ural-43203 - Command Truck        
72006 ATZ-5-4320 - Fuel Truck Based on Ural-4320 truck.      
72007 ZIL 157K - Cargo Truck        
72008 ZIL 157K - Fuel Truck        
72009 ZIL 157K Command Post        
72010 Rocket Volley System BM-13-16 Based on Zil-157 truck.      
72011 Rocket Volley System BM-14-16 Based on Zil-157 truck.      
72012 Rocket Volley System BM-24-12 Based on Zil-157 truck.      
72013 ZIL-131 - Cargo Truck        
72014 ATZ-4-131 - Fuel Truck Based on Zil-131 truck. Preview    
72015 ZIL-131 Command Post        
72016 Rocket Volley System BM-13-16 Based on Zil-131 truck.      
72017 BTR 152K Armored Personnel Carrier Main body parts are very toy-like, but smaller detail parts are well made. No hatches are molded open, and surface detail is a little soft.      
72018 BTR 152W Armored Personnel Carrier        
72019 BTR 152S Armored Personnel Carrier        

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Kit list last updated 17 August 2008