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Resin, etched brass and plastic multimedia kits, accessories and diorama accessories from Czech Republic.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
HLP72001 M35 Prime Mover & Rogers 20t Trailer M35 is based on Extratech M10 kit. Trailer is resin.      
HLP72002 Rogers 20t Trailer Resin.      
HLP72003 M35 Prime Mover & M1 8-inch Gun M35 is based on Extratech M10 kit. Gun is resin.      
HLP72004 M1 240mm Howitzer Resin.      
HLP72005 M35 Prime Mover Based on Extratech M10 kit.      
HLP72006 M1 240mm Howitzer in Firing Position Resin and etched brass.      
HLP72007 M1 8-inch Gun in Firing Position Resin and etched brass.      
HLP72008 Culemeyer 80 ton 6-axle trailer        
HLP72009 Culemeyer 4-axle trailer        
HLP72010 M29C Water Weasel Resin, etched brass and decals.

Preview 1
Preview 2

HLP72011 Culemeyer 80ton 6-axle trailer with armored cupola        
HLP72012 M29 Weasel Gunship/Ambulance        
HLP72013 Pantherturm I Stahluntersartz Pillbox        
HLP72014 BK-2 Soviet river patrol boat Resin & etched brass      
HLP72015 Pantherturm I - firing position        
HLP72016 M1 8 inch gun transport wagon        
HLP72018 Lanz Bulldog 30HP        
HLP72019 10.5cm sFH-18        
HLP72021 Skoda RSO        
HLP72022 Fries 16t German crane resin & PE      
HLP72023 AEC Mk.III armoured car resin      
HLP72024 FuSE-65 Würzburg-Riese        
HLP72025 F-55 Feuerlilie with launching ramp        
HLP72026 A30 Challenger        
HLP72027 AEC Dorchester        
HLP72028 42cm Haubitze M.17(t)        
HLP72029 Beaverette        
HLP72030Freya-LZ A (FuMG-401)
HLP72031Morris Mk.II

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
HLH72001 Achilles   172Shermans.com    
HLH72002 M10   172Shermans.com    
HLH72003 Jagdpanther   Preview    
HLH72004 Sherman        
HLH72005 T-34        
HLH72006 S.Sp.Pz. Draisine Artilleriewagen PE parts for UM kit 255      
HLH72007 British sand channels        
HLH72008 Soviet tank tools        
HLH72009 Steyr K2670 PE parts for UM kit 257      
HLH72010 S.Sp.Pz.Draisine funkwagen PE parts for UM kit 256      
HLH72011 M4A3 PE parts for HäT kit      
HLH72012 Skies        
HLH72014 GAZ AAA PE parts for UM kit      
HLH72015 GAZ AAA Tracks PE parts for UM kit      
HLH72016 Chevrolet wheels 6 resin wheels for Dragon kit      
HLH72017 Chevrolet PE parts for Dragon kit      
HLH72018 Panther Grills PE parts for engine deck Dragon kit      
HLH72019 Type 2 Ka-Mi w/Floating Pontoon Resin and PE update set for Dragon kit      
HLH72020 Type 2 Ka-Mi PE set for Dragon kit      
HLH72021 Lee Enfield Rifle set        
HLH72023 IS-2 PE set for Italeri kit      
HLH72024 Rear view mirrors        
HLH72025 Steering wheels        
HLH72026 Windshield Wipers      
HLH72027 8.8cm Flak 36 shield PE set for Revell kit      
HLH72028 Reflectors & backlights        
HLH72030 Padlocks      
HLH72037 Sd.Kfz.10 Demag D7 detail set PE set for MK72 kit      
HLH72038 Valve hand wheels        
HLH72039 Sd.Kfz.250/1 Ausf.A for MK72      
HLH72040 8,8cm Flak 36 for Revell      
HLH72041 Rustic wooden 2-wheel trolley/cart        
HLH72043 T-34 crane        
HLH72044 Sd.Kfz 250/1 Ausf.B for MK72      
HLH72045 Ukraine Police shield 4 pieces      
HLH72046 M60 A3 for Revell      
HLH72047 Renault FT detail set PE for First to Fight kit      
HLH72048 Panzerjäger Marder II detail set PE for MK72 kit      
HLH72049 Kubelwagen PE set for S-Model kit      
HLH72050 Kettenkrad & 3,7cm Pak 36 PE set for S-Model kit    
HLH72053 Leopard I Bridgelayer "Biber" PE set for Revell kit      
HLH72054 Tiger II Ausf. B "Königstiger" PE set for Revell kit      
HLH72055 Pz.kpfw.II Ausf.B PE set for S-Model kit      
HLH72056 Tiger II Ausf. B "Königstiger" fenders PE set for Revell kit      
HLH72057 M1A1 (HA) Abrams PE set for Revell kit      
HLH72059 T-80/T-80V PE set for Revell kit      
HLH72060 Duckbills PE set for Sherman tank tracks      
HLH72061 BTR-60 Wheels resin wheel set      
HLH72063 Tools        
HLH72064 Engraved plate - WW2 German - early        
HLH72065 Engraved plate - WW2 German - late        
HLH72066 Engraved plate - WW2 US        
HLH72067 Engraved plate - modern lentil type        
HLH72068 Engraved plate - modern A type        
HLH72069 Tiger I Ausf.H photoetch for Revell kit      
HLH72070 T-72 M1 photoetch for Revell kit      
HLH72071 ATF Dingo 1 etched metal for Revell kit      
HLH72072 Jeep snow chains etched metal      
Pz.Kpfw.III grilles
For Attack      
Stern Antene

Set of the star anttennas and detailed instructions how to use them.

HLH72075 SpPz 2 Luchs For Revell      
HLH72076 VAB 4x4 PE set for Heller kit      
HLH72077 DUKW PE set for Italeri kit      
HLH72078 Praga RV PE set for First to Fight kit      
HLH72079 Sd.Kfz.9 Famo
For Revell kit      
HLH72080 Leopard 2A6
For Dragon kit      
HLH72081 AEC Wheels (Dorchester, Matador)        
HLH72082Leopard 2A4for Dragon kit
HLH72083Sd.Kfz.232 8-Radfor Roden kit
HLH72084PzH 2000for Revell kit

Diorama Accessories
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
HLH72013 Village set PE set of farming accessories      
HLH72022 Underwear on a Washing Line PE set including two washing lines with various items (see picture), cloth hanger and washing board. The items are flat, and unless you want to repesent them after having been washed and ironed with a lot of stiffener, you will need to hammer some shape into them. While I am not a fashionista, I feel that these items would best fit in a mid 20th century setting. - R. Haelterman    
HLH72029 Modern shopping cart PE      
HLH72031 Steel container PE; 2 pieces      
HLH72032 Plant cart PE      
HLH72033 Wooden barrels resin      
HLH72034 Water pump resin      
HLH72035 Phone booth PE & resin      
HLH72036 Mobile barriers PE; 6 pieces      
HLH72042 Anti-tank barriers        
HLH72051 Plastic Crates etched metal      
HLH72052 Dragon's Teeth resin      
HLH72058 Barbed Wire WW2        
HLH72062Grills and manholes    
HLP72017 Japanese Steel Pillbox        

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