Czech Resins
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Resin kits from Czech Republic. Also called Czech Kits, Czech Master (and Artur?). Very rough kits. General shapes and dimensions are good, but detail is sparse and very rough. Surface texture is rough, and tracks are useless. Excellent starting points for scratch builders.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
2001 T-26 A      
2002 T-26 B      
2003 T-26 C      
2004 T-26-4      
2005 BT-5      
2006 BT-7      
2007 BT-7A      
2008 BT-42      
2009 Pz. 38(t) Praga      
2010 T-60      
2011 T-70   Preview  
2012 T-28      
2013 T-35 Soviet Heavy Tank      
2014 IS-2 Soviet Heavy Tank      
2015 ISU-122 Soviet Heavy Tank Destroyer      
2016 ISU-152 Soviet Heavy Tank Destroyer      
2017 Su-76      
2020 BA-64 Soviet Armored Car      
2021 BMD-1 Airborne Tank      
2022 PT-76 Amphibious Tank      
2023 ASU-85 SPG      
2024 Fiat Anslado CV 33/35      
2025 Ford GPA Amphibian      
2026 Fiat Anslado CV 33/35      
2027 ISU-122S mod.1944      
2031 BT-4      

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Kit list last updated 17 August 2008