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Decals, diorama items and figure sets from the USA and an occasional detail set.

Kit Number
Kit Name
  British 2 pdr (early) gun barrel Produced by RB Model for Aleran and might one day appear in their catalogue.    

Kit Number
Kit Name
AX1 Axis AFV markings for Hungary & Romania   Preview  
AX2 AFV markings: Finland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, & Croatia    

Rob Haelterman (1)

Rob Haelterman (2)

BE1 Belgian 1940 AFV markings      
BE2 Belgian Post War Armor Markings      
FF1 Free French AFV markings      
FL1 Axis Air recognition flags: German & Japanese      
FL2 Allied Flags      
FR1 French 1940 AFV markings: Somua S35      
FR2 French 1940 AFV markings: Hotchkiss H35 & H39      
FR3 French 1940 AFV markings: Renault R35 & R40      
FR4 French 1940 AFV markings: Panhard P178      
FR5 French 1940 AFV markings: CHAR D2      
FR6 French 1940 AFV markings: FCM36 & AMR35      
FR7 French 1940 markings: trucks, tractors and SPG      
FR8 France 40 - Char B1 Bis 15 BCC available in 1/72 and 1/76    
GE1 Germany 1939: AFV crosses & divisional marks      
GE2 German license plates: Wehrmacht, SS & Luftwaffe      
GE3 German turret numbers      
GE4 German Balkenkreuze      
IT1 Italian North Africa AFV markings      
PO1 Polish 1939 AFV markings      
SC1 Spanish Civil War Markings      
SU1 Soviet AFV markings (Unit insignias, numbers, stars)      
SU2 Soviet T34 markings      
SU3 Soviet AFV markings #2 (KV-1, T-28, SU-76, BA-10, etc.)      
UK1 British 1940 BEF AFV markings Updated in 2012    
UK2 British North Africa AFV markings: Arms of Service      
UK3 British North Africa AFV markings: Unit Insignia      
UK4 British AFV tactical markings      
UK5 British Vehicle Bridge Group Signs, and Vehicle Names      
UK6 Commonwealth Markings #1 (Australia, New Zealand)      
UK7 Commonwealth Markings #2 (Canada, India, S. Africa)      
UK8 British NW Europe 1944-45 Unit Insignia      
UK9 British NW Europe 1944-45 Arm of Service (AoS) Markings      
UK10 British NW Europe 1944-45 Armored Divisions AoS Markings      
UK11 British NW Europe 1944-45 79th Arm Div and Ind. Armored Brigade AoS Markings      
UK12 British Churchill markings      
UK13 BEF 1940 Corps and GHQ markings      
UK14 BEF 1940 Transport Markings      
UK15 UK NWE Army Group Royal Artillery Service Markings      
UK16 Canadian WD Numbers      
UK17 Valentine Tank Markings Pt 1      
DTM-T-76001 British 27th Arm. Bde      
DTM-T-76002 British 22nd Arm Bde      
US1 Allied Stars   Preview  
US2 US Sherman Aces Markings for seven US tank aces.    
US3 US Shermans Markings for 12 US Shermans in NW Europe, 1944-45.  
US4 US Light Tanks (NW Europe) M5A1, M8HMC & M24 Chaffee    
US5 US Stars - Yellow (Early War)      
JA1 Japanese Armour Markings      
MS1 Ambulance Markings (Germany, US, UK, USSR)      
MS2 Dicker Max Markings      
MS3 Sturer Emil Markings    
MS4 Ersatz M10 (Panther)      
MS5 Kettenkrad Decals The set contains decals for 7 German Kettenkräder (WL-361615, WL-111108, WL-385177, WH-896467, WH-1039208, SS-170651, SS-105487) and a single captured example used by the Military Police. The decals are aimed at the S-Model kit (which lacks any decals) and fit that kit very well.    
HM1 German Wehrmacht Helmet decals      
Red cross markings Can be ordered in any size and quantity required  

Kit Number
Kit Name
FL-2 Allied (USA, UK, Soviet Union, France) flags      
SS1 Normandy Road and City Signs      
SS2 NE France & Belgium Road and City Signs      
SS3 France/Belgium Commercial Shop Signs      
AC1 4 - Zeltbahn Shelter Quarters, Wehrmacht Splinter A pattern      
AC2 4 - Zeltbahn Shelter Quarters, SS Plane Tree Summer pattern (Green Dominant)      
AC3 4 - Zeltbahn Shelter Quarters, SS Plane Tree Autumn pattern (Orange Dominant)      
AC4 4 - Zeltbahn Shelter Quarters, SS Plane Tree Summer pattern (Violet Dominant)      
AC5 Resin German Tent Shelter (4 man), used with AC-1 to 4, (requires 4 zeltbahns)      
AC6 Resin German Tent Shelter (8 man), used with AC-1 to 4, (requires 8 zeltbahns)      
AC8 Round sandbagged mortar pit      
AC9 Round sandbagged MG pit      
AC10 Rectangular sandbagged two man trench      

Kit Number
Kit Name
AC-7a French/Belgian Gun Crew w/helmets Three resin Figures.    
AC-7b French/Belgian Gun Crew w/o helmets Three resin Figures.    

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Kit list last updated 09 February 2020