Axis Minors

Kit # AX-2

Preview by Rob Haelterman

The smaller nations that fought in WW2 are often forgotten by the manufacturers, be they kit makers, figure sculptors or decal printers. Aleran is not one of them and offers decals for Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia and Finland. (The latter is perhaps the best served by others on the market.)

Decals are very crisply printed, in perfect register and opaque. I already tried them on two vehicles and they are very thin, to such extent that a single protective coat of varnish suffices to make the carrier film disappear.
Talking about the carrier film: be warned, this is a continous film, so make sure to cut out the decals tightly. If you only discover this after having them soaked, you're in for some delicate surgery.

While the decals themselves are as good as anyone can desire, the instructions are lacking. The only thing you get is three color drawings and references where you can find more info. (The drawings are taken from these references, by the way.) This means that you cannot start building a machine to use the decals on without some decent homework and/or a well-stuffed library. (Unless you decide to build hypothetical vehicles as I do.)

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Article Last Updated: 26 May 2013