TQD Castings
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From the UK. White metal diorama accessories and a range of figures. It appears that TQD Castings is now part of C-P Models.

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
MC 1 Kitchen Table & 2 Chairs   
MC 2 Wardrobe & Chest Of Drawers   
MC 3 Double Bed & Washstand   
MC 4 Plump Armchairs & Occasional Table    
MC 5 Gramophone & Armchairs    
MC 6 Upright Piano & Stool    
MC 7 Dining Table & 4 Chairs   
MC 8 Dustbins & Lids    
MC 9 3 Cases    

Large range of 1/72 white metal figures. On average they are 24mm tall.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
TQD-GH1 Heer Afv MechanicsGerman Picture  
TQD-GH2 Heer 1943-45 Winter Infantry Inc OfficerGerman  
TQD-GH3 Heer 1943-45 Winter Infantry Inc Lmg & NcoGerman  
TQD-GH4 Heer 1943-45 Winter Infantry Inc Radio & SniperGerman  
TQD-GH5 Heer 1943-45 Winter Infantry Inc Tank HuntersGerman  
TQD-GH6 Heer 1943-45 Winter Infantry Mmg42 TeamGerman  
TQD-GH7 Heer 1943-45 Winter Infantry 81mm Mortar TeamGerman  
TQD-GH8 Heer 1936-45 Summer Infantry Marching 1German  
TQD-GH9 Heer 1936-45 Bare Headed Summer Infantry 1German  Picture In diorama
(Rob Haelterman)
TQD-GH10 Heer 1936-45 Summer Infantry Marching 2German  
TQD-GH11 Heer 1936-45 Bare Headed Summer Infantry Inc Mg34German  
TQD-GH12 Heer 1944-45 Late War Germans 1German  
TQD-GH13 Heer 1944-45 Late War Germans 2German  
TQD-GH14 Speerkorp Aux Troops, Mixed ArmsGerman  
TQD-GH15 1944-45 WW2 Set Inc 2 FeldgendarmeGerman  
TQD-GH16 1944-45 WW2 Grenadiers With Anti-Tank WeaponsGerman  
TQD-GH17 1944-45 WW2 Grenadiers Inc Mg42German  
TQD-GH18 Polizei Set,Zb37 Gunner, Number 2,Police Afv Crew + GuardGerman  
TQD-GH19 German Officer With Mp40, Mg34 Gunner, Soldier With Mp28German  
TQD-GH20 Stressed OfficersGerman  
TQD-GH21 Heer SnipersGerman  
TQD-GH22 1944 - 45 Combat Unit In M43 Hooded SmocksGerman  
TQD-GH23 Eastern Front Veterans In ParkasGerman  
TQD-GH24 3 Identical German's Armed With Mp44'sGerman  
TQD-GH25 German POWs One figure could be used for a non-POW.  Picture  
TQD-GH26 German Panzer Crew Re-ArmingGerman  
TQD-GH27 Late War German Panzer Crew RelaxingGerman  
TQD-GH28 1936-45 Great Coated Infantry Marching Inc Mg34German  
TQD-GH29 1936-45 Great Coated Infantry MarchingGerman Diorama
TQD-GH30 1936-43 German Assault InfantryGerman  
TQD-GH31 Erwin RommelGerman  
TQD-GF1 Med Theatre FJ Jäger Marching Inc Mg34German  
TQD-GF2 Med Theatre FJ Jäger Marching Command Inc RadioGerman  
TQD-GF3 1942-45 Fallschimjäger Med TheatreGerman  
TQD-GF4 1942-45 Med Theatre FJ InfantryGerman  
TQD-GF5 1944-45 Fallschirmjäger With Soviet WeaponsGerman  
TQD-GF6 1944 Normandy FallschirmjägerGerman  
TQD-GF7 1944-45 Late War Winter Fallschirmjäger 1German  
TQD-GF8 1944-45 Late War Winter Fallschirmjäger 2German  
TQD-GS1 Propaganda Shoot SS Panzer Meier Normandy 1944 German.
From left to right in picture:
- Figure in what seems to be a tailor made uniform (vest with only upper pockets; pants with thigh pocket). Arm insignia probably meant for the rank patch, so this would most likely be a camo suit. No SS eagle - which is possible for a camo suit.
- Figure in Waffen-SS Panzer tunic, including sleeve eagle.
- Figure taking pictures in non-standard vest (no breast pockets, only waist pockets); this might be a fatigue, but would seem unlikely as the headgear points to an officer or senior NCO.
- Dog.
Picture  Diorama
TQD-GS2 SD Troops Inc Officer & GeneralGerman  
TQD-GS3 Oberführer Eastern FrontGerman  
TQD-GS4 SS OfficersGerman  
TQD-GS5 SS SnipersGerman  
TQD-GS6 1938-43 Early War Waffen SSGerman  
TQD-GS7 1944 -45 12th SS Hitler JugendGerman  
TQD-GS8 Waffen SS Nco's In Early Smocks Armed With Mp40'sGerman  
TQD-GS9 Waffen SS In M38/40 Early Type Smocks With K98'sGerman  
TQD-GS10 Waffen SS In M38 Early Type Smocks Armed With Auto RiflesGerman  
TQD-GS11 Waffen SS In Early Smocks Armed With Mp44German  
TQD-GS12 Waffen SS Grenadiers In Early Smocks Armed With Mg34'sGerman  
TQD-GS13 Waffen SS Tank Hunters In Early Smocks W/ PanzerfaustsGerman  
TQD-GS14 1944-45 Waffen SS GrenadiersGerman  
TQD-GS15 1944 Waffen SS Ambush At PoteauGerman  
TQD-GS16 1944 Ardennes Waffen SS CommandGerman  
TQD-GS17 1944 Ardennes SS Panzer CommandGerman  
TQD-GS18 Late War SS Panzer Crew Refueling

German. Slight misalignment in the molds, mostly visible in the jerrycans.
From left to right in picture:
- Figure in regular Panzer uniform - sleeve eagle
- Figure in regular Panzer uniform - no eagle; this should be added.
- Figure in one piece overall - no eagle which is correct for standard overall
- Figure in pocketless vest; trousers with thigh pocket - no eagle, which can be correct if the vest is a camo item.
- Figure in one piece overall - no eagle which is correct for standard overall
- Figure in regular Panzer uniform - sleeve eagle

TQD-GS19 Waffen SS LAH Black ParadeGerman  
TQD-GS20 1942-43 Waffen SS Grenadier Tank Riders/PassengersGerman  
TQD-GS21 1945 33rd Div Waffen SS GrenadiersGerman  
TQD-GV1 Berlin DefendersGerman  
TQD-GV2 1944 Hitler Youth VolkssturmGerman  
TQD-GV3 1944 Hitler Youth VolkssturmGerman  
TQD-GV4 Volkssturm Straf PatrolGerman Picture   
TQD-GV5 Feuerschutzpolizei 1German  
TQD-GV6 Feuerschutzpolizei 2German  
TQD-GA1 German Zeltbahn TentsGerman  
TQD-GA2 German Fuel DrumsGerman  
TQD-RK1 Nkvd Command Inc Radio & SniperSoviet  
TQD-RK2 Nkvd Riflemen 1Soviet  
TQD-RK3 Nkvd Riflemen 2Soviet  
TQD-RK4 Nkvd InterrogatorsSoviet  
TQD-RK5 Nkvd 5cm Mortar & Crew Plus AtrSoviet  
TQD-RK6 Nkvd Maxim Hmg & CrewSoviet  
TQD-RI1 Soviet SnipersSoviet  
TQD-RI2 1943 Red Army Riflemen AdvancingSoviet  
TQD-RI3 1943 Red Army Squad CommandSoviet  
TQD-RI4 1943 Red Army Riflemen SkirmishingSoviet  
TQD-RI5 Red Army Riflemen Wearing Soft CapsSoviet  
TQD-RI6 Red Army Command Wearing Soft CapsSoviet  
TQD-RI7 1943-45 Red Army Infantry ISoviet  
TQD-RI8 1943-45 Red Army Infantry IiSoviet  
TQD-RI9 1942-43 Red Army Infantry Wearing Greatcoats & HelmetsSoviet  
TQD-RS1 Red Army Airborne Infantry 1Soviet  
TQD-RS2 Red Army Airborne Infantry 2Soviet  
TQD-RS3 Soviet Airborne 1 Inc Partisan GuideSoviet  
TQD-RS4 Soviet Airborne 2 Inc Partisan GuideSoviet  
TQD-RP1 Partisan Command Inc Commander & RadioSoviet  
TQD-RP2 Partisans, Using Detonator, Sentry Killer, SniperSoviet  
TQD-RP3 Partisan Leader, Throwing Molotov Cocktail, Mp40, Zb LmgSoviet  
TQD-MS3 Red Army Mixed Single FiguresSoviet  
TQD-BR1 WW2 Officers & Infantry Loading/FiringBritish  
TQD-BR2 Riflemen Advancing With SuppliesBritish  
TQD-BR3 Officer, Dr Rider & PadreBritish  
TQD-BR4 British SnipersBritish  
TQD-BR5 British Riflemen In Windproof SmocksBritish  
TQD-BR6 British Squad Command In Windproof SmocksBritish  
TQD-BR7 1941-43 Med Theatre British Infantry, Mixed Poses Inc Bren LmgBritish  
TQD-BT1 Dismounted Tank CrewBritish  
TQD-BP1 1944-45 British Airborne CommandBritish  
TQD-BP2 1944-45 British Paratrooper Command Inc PersonalitiesBritish  
TQD-BP3 1944-45 British Paratrooper Infantry 1British  
TQD-BP4 1944-45 British Paratrooper Infantry 2British  
TQD-BP5 1944-45 British Paratrooper Vickers Mmg TeamBritish  
TQD-BP6 1944-45 British Paratrooper Piat TeamBritish  
TQD-BP7 1944-45 British Paratrooper 50mm Mortar TeamBritish  
TQD-BC1 1940-45 British Commando Killing German SentryBritish  
TQD-AA1 1944-45 U.S. Airborne Infantry M1 Garand & M43 SuitUS  
TQD-AA2 1944-45 U.S. Airborne Infantry With Rifles, Grenade Launcher, BazookaUS  
TQD-AA3 1944-45 U.S. Airborne Command Team Inc Officer RTO SpotterUS  
TQD-AA4 1944-45 U.S. Airborne Support Inc Bazooka & Browning LmgUS  
TQD-AA5 1944-45 U.S. Airborne Support Inc Pathfinder, Officer & SniperUS  
TQD-AA6 1944-45 U.S. Airborne .30 Cal Mmg TeamUS  
TQD-AA7 1944-45 U.S. Airborne 81mm Mortar TeamUS  
TQD-AA8 1944-45 U.S. Airborne 60mm Mortar TeamUS  
TQD-AA9 U.S. Airborne Infantry & Pilot Boarding AircraftUS  
TQD-AI1 U.S. General, Mp & Sniper With Russian RifleUS  
TQD-AI2 U.S. Riflemen SkirmishingUS  
TQD-AI3 U.S. Nco's SkirmishingUS  
TQD-AI4 U.S. Infantry With Browning Automatic RiflesUS  
TQD-AI5 U.S. Infantry Bazooka TeamUS  
TQD-AI6 U.S. Infantry HBT UniformUS  
TQD-PP1 Polish Paratroopers Wearing Berets Inc OfficerPoland  
TQD-PP2 Polish Paratroopers Wearing Berets Inc PramPoland  
TQD-PP3 Polish Paratroopers Wearing Helmets Inc OfficerPoland  
TQD-PP4 Polish Paratroopers Wearing Helmets Inc PramPoland  
TQD-PH1 Polish Home Army (Ak) Wearing Home Made /Captured Waffen SS Uniforms & EquipmentPoland  
TQD-PH2 Polish Home Army (Ak) Mg 42 Team & RunnerPoland  
TQD-MS1 Deep-Sea DiversWW2  
TQD-MS2 WW2 Era KriminalpolizeiWW2  
CM 9 Dead Figures Covered By Blankets   
TQD-NH1 Neu Heer Grenadiers With Stg45 Advancing PosesWhat If  
TQD-NH2 Neu Heer Grenadiers With Stg45 Inc Mg42What If  
TQD-NH3 Neu Heer Grenadier Command Inc RadioWhat If  
TQD-NH4 Neu Heer Luftanst Team Inc A/T & Aa PosesWhat If  
TQD-NH5 Neu Heer Gross Deutschland Sturmkorp Grenadiers With M42 HelmetWhat If  
TQD-NH6 Neu Heer Grenadiers With Dp-LmgWhat If  
TQD-NH7 Neu Heer X-7 Atgm TeamWhat If  
TQD-NH8 Neu Heer Nachtjagdkommando, I/R WeaponsWhat If  
TQD-NH9 Neu Heer RocketeersWhat If  
TQD-MF1 SAS Commandos 1980'sFalklands War  
TQD-MF2 British Army InfantryFalklands War  

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