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Large range of white metal figures. On average they measure out at 22mm. Some of their range are former Lamercraft/Elheim figures.

Set Number Set Name Comments In-Box Previews Painting Reviews
FJ 1 10 Man Infantry Section Inc Officer & Mg42 German    
FJ 2 81mm Mortar Team Move/Firing German    
FJ 3 Fallschirmjäger Feldgendarme Set German    
FJ 4 Hq Team Inc Radio & Telephone German    
FJ 6 Fallschirmjäger Casualty Set Inc Stretcher Bearers German    
FJ 7 Pioneers Inc Flame Thrower & Pole Charge German    
FJ 8 1944-45 Stug Assault Gun Crew German    
WH 1 Field Hospital Set, Inc Medics & Wounded German    
WH 2 Feldjäger Officer & Nco Hanging Soldier German    
WH 3 Panzerlehr Grenadier Section Inc Mg42 German    
WH 4 Army Patrol Eastern Front Inc Hiwi German    
WH 5 German Field Latrine Set German    
WH 6 Panzershreck Team Inc Multi-Headed Rkt Launcher German    
WH 7 Rear Echelon Set Inc Nurse & Feldgendarme German    
WH 8 Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Gun Crew German    
WH 9 Great Coated German Infantry On Guard Duty German Picture  
WH 10 Kriegsmarine Sailors In Leather/Pea Jackets German    
WH 11 Kriegsmarine Sailors Wearing Square Rig German    
WH 12 Vehicle Casualty Set German Picture   
WH 13 German Company Hq German    
WH 14 Burial Party German    
WH 15 Sdkfz 251 Command Group German    
WH 16 Panzer Knacker Set Inc Grenadier Throwing S Mine German    
WH 17 1943-45 Summer Panzer Crew German    
WH 18 Feldgendarme & Soviet Prisoners, Inc Dog & Handler German    
WH 19 1943-45 Summer Foraging Panzer Crew German    
WH 22 1943-45 German Infantry At Rest German    
WS 1 10 Man Infantry Squad In Mixed Greatcoats & Zeltbahns German Picture  
WS 2 10 Man Infantry Squad In Cammo Smock/Helmet Cover German    
WS 3 10 Man Infantry Squad In M43 Pea Dot Cammo Uniform German    
WS 4 10 Man Infantry Squad In M36/44 Field Uniform German    
WS 6 Mg42 Mmg Team Move/Firing German    
WS 8 Tank Hunter Team With Panzershreck German    
WS 9 Useful Close Combat Infantry German    
WS 10 Ss Reporter, Officer & U.S. Pows German    
WS 11 Waffen Ss Snipers Plus Foxhole German    
WS 12 Medium Panzer Crew Inc Officer On Foot With Panzerfaust German    
WS 13 Stretcher Bearer Party & Wounded Man Being Carried German  Picture  
WS 14 Battalion Command Inc Telephone & Radioman German    
WS 16 Dead & Wounded Ss Infantry German    
DG 1 Breakout Party Inc Party Leader & Armed Secretary Italian    
DG 2 1st Levy Half Squad Inc Lewis Lmg Italian    
DG 3 2nd Levy Volkssturm Manner Half Squad Italian    
AGS Armed German Scientists Italian Picture   
AVF 1 Leonessa Tank Commanders Italian    
NB 1 Paratrooper Command Inc Officer Italian    
NB 2 Paratroopers With Smgs & Carcano Rifle Italian    
NB 3 Paratroopers With Carcano Rifles & Breda Lmg Italian    
DB 1 Ss Debica Casualties Italian    
DB 2 Ss Debica Infantry Command Italian    
DB 3 Ss Debica Officers With Rabbit Ears Tripod Italian    
DB 4 Ss Debica Infantry With Carcano Rifles Italian    
DB 5 Ss Debica Infantry With Smgs Italian    
DB 6 Ss Debica Infantry Inc Radio Operator Italian    
DB 7 Ss Debica Mortar Crew Italian    
DB 8 Regular Artillerymen Italian    
DB 9 Anti-Tank Gun Crew Italian    
XM 1 Officer, Nco & Radioman Italian    
XM 2 Radioman, Officer & Nco M33 Helmets Italian    
XM 3 Riflemen With Carcano Rifles Italian    
XM 4 Riflemen Wearing M33 Helmets Italian    
XM 5 Officer Wearing M42 Cap Italian    
XM 6 Bareheaded Nco Italian    
XM 7 Rifleman Armed With Smg's Italian    
XM 8 Riflemen, M33 Helmets & Armed With Smgs Italian    
XM 9 M30 Breda Lmg Team Italian    
XM 10 81mm Mortar Team Italian    
AB 1 Italian Alpini Italian (Previously AP 1?)    
BB 1 RSI Bersaglieri Riflemen, Inc Officer Italian    
BB 2 RSI Bersaglieri Riflemen, Inc M30 Breda Lmg Italian    
BB 3 RSI Bersaglieri Riflemen Italian    
BB 6 M30 Breda LMG team carrying/firing Italian    
BB 7 RSI Bersaglieri Officer & 9 Assorted Infantry Italian    
CP 1 Leader, Commissar & Wounded Fighter Italian    
CP 2 Partisans Moving/Firing M38 Carbines Italian    
CP 3 Partisans Firing/Moving Berretta Smgs Italian    
CP 4 Prone Breda Lmg Gunner & Riflemen Italian    
CP 5 Partisans Hanging A Fat Balding Fascist Italian    
FA 1 Officer, Nco Pointing & Prone Radioman Finland    
FA 2 Jäger Armed With Mn/Svt Rifles Finland    
FA 3 Jäger Armed With Soumi Smg Finland    
FA 4 Anti-Tank Gun Team Finland    
FA 8 Mg42 Lmg Firing/Moving Finland    
FA 9 Dismounted Tank Crew Finland    
FA 10 Dp-Lmg Team Finland    
FA 11 Maxim Mmg Team Finland    
FA 12 Finnish Ski Troops Finland    
BC1 German Bomber Crew Downed pilots    
BC2 Downed USAF Bomber Crew 1944 Downed pilots    
BC3 Red Army Air Force Bomber Crew Downed pilots    
BC4 USAF Bomber Crew Summer 1944 Downed pilots    
BC5 Bailed Out RAF Bomber Crew Downed pilots    
SOV 1 Red Army Infantry Inc Officer Soviet    
SOV 2 Red Army Infantry Soviet    
SOV 3 Red Army Casualty Set Soviet    
SOV 4 Red Army Banner Party Soviet    
SOV 5 Nkvd Blocking Detachment Soviet    
US1 Five man half section, moving/firing, set 1 US    
US2 Five man half section, moving/firing, set 2 US    
US3 Gamblers US    
US4 Dead and wounded US    
US5 Kevin's Heroes characters US    
US6 Kevin's Heroes characters tank crew      
SM 1 Soviet Marine Inf, Wearing Landing Rig Soviet    
SM 2 Soviet Marine Inf, Wearing Landing Rig 2 Soviet    
SM 3 Soviet Pioneer Marines Inc Flame Thrower Soviet    
CV 1 Three Dead Male Civilians Piled Atop Each Other Civilians    
CV 2 Male Civilians Civilians    
CV 3 Male Civilian Casualties Civilians    
CV 4 Two Adult Women & Boy Lying Dead Civilians Picture   
CV 5 Three Female Civilians & Boy Civilians    
CV 7 Soviet Era Male Peasants Civilians    
CV8 Generic Prisoners & Guard Civilians    
CV9 Street News Vendor Civilians    
NAA Arabs Carrying Stuff      
CKA Armed Catholic Clergy   Picture   
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