Fine Scale Factory
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Resin and white metal kits from Germany. FSF also markets vehicle accessories, figures and diorama items.

Several lines of vehicles are marketed, so the lists have been separated into individual lists to make for easlier viewing:

World War I
World War II
Tank Line

Kits - World War One
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
WE 1 British field gun (13pdr)      
WE 2 British field gun (11.4cm)      
WE 3 French field gun (75mm)      
WE 4 German field gun (7.7cm)      
WE 5 German field howitzer (15cm)      
WE 6 French field howitzer (120mm)      
WE 7 German heavy mine thrower (25cm)      
WE 8 German heavy field howitzer "Dicke Berta" (42cm)      
WE 9 German gun carriage (with 1 figure)      
WE 10 German ammution supporter (with 2 figures)      
WE 11 German light fieldwagon      
WE 12 German fieldwagon      
WE 13 German Artillerymen with ammunition      
WE 15 Artillery Observation Trailer      
WE 19 French "Creep" Tank      

Kits - World War Two
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
WZ 1 Polish field gun (75mm)      
WZ 2 Polish half-track      
WZ 3 Polish small tank "Tankette TKS" late version      
WZ 4 Polish small tank "Tankette TK3"      
WZ 5 Polish armoured car "WZ 34"      
WZ 10 Polish ambulance car (Fiat 621)      
WZ 20 German lorry HWA 526D "Einheitsdiesel"      
WZ 21 German field kitchen (Sd.Ah. 401)      
WZ 22 German jeep Daimler Benz 260 (KFZ 11)      
WZ 23 German 8 ton half-track w/3.7 cm AA-gun (SdKFZ 7/2)      
WZ 24 German armored half-track w/2 cm AA-gun (SdKfz 251/17)      
WZ 25 German armored half-track "Maultier" w/21 cm rocket launcher (SdKfz 4/1)      
WZ 26 German field kitchen w/wooden wheels (Sd.Ah. 401) early version      
WZ 27 German 2 cm AA gun (FLAK 38)      
WZ 28 German 3.7cm AA gun (FLAK 36)      
WZ 30 German 2 cm AA gun (FLAK 30)      
WZ 31 "Einheitsdiesel" with field kitchen      
WZ 32 "Einheitsdiesel" Radiotruck, metal version      
WZ 33 "Einheitsdiesel" Radio truck wooden version      
WZ 34 "Einheitsdiesel" with Bilstein-Crane      
WZ 35 "Einheitsdiesel" as cable layer      
WZ 36 Ford F60      
WZ 37 Mercedes Benz Type 1500A      
WZ 38 Faun ZR      
WZ 41 2cm AA Gun FLAK 38 Resin with turned-brass gun barrel.    
WZ 42 GMC Ambulance      
WZ 47 Deutscher Generatorhäger Machinsatz 220/380V Drehstrom 30KVA Anhänger (lachs) fahrbar   Preview  
WZ 48 White 666 4 ton 6x4 American Truck      
WZ 49 Roger Trailer 25 ton      
WZ 50 VW Kübelwagen Contains two sets of wheels: one for Europe, and one for North Africa. Photo
(from FSF)
WZ 51 VW Kübelwagen Airfield Maintenance Contains the WZ 50 kit, plus additional parts for this version. Photo
(from FSF)
WZ 52 VW Kübelwagen Ambulance Contains the WZ 50 kit, plus additional parts for this version.    
WZ 53 VW Kübelwagen w/Panther Tank Starter Contains the WZ 50 kit, plus additional parts for this version.    
WZ 58 Simca 5 Car      

Kits - Post-war
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
PW 001 M51 Super Sherman Israel, 1967 Preview  
PW 004 Ford Mutt A1/A2 (US & Israel)      
PW 005 Ford Mutt w/M60      
PW 007 Israeli Tank Transporter Peterbuilt tractor & trailer    

Kits - Tank Line
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
TL 001 First German Tank A7V         
TL 002 French tank St. Chamond         
TL 003 German Draisine with Panzer IV Turret         
TL 004 Sandbagged Sherman w/76 mm    Comparison   
TL 005 US Marines Sherman   


TL 006 AA Tank with 3.7 cm twin 44 on Panther chassis         
TL 007 Sd.Kfz. 233 (8-wheel with short 7.5 cm gun) Beautiful model. Fighting compartment is a little narrow, but otherwise very accurate. Complex, yet fairly hassle-free construction.    Doug Chaltry
TL 008 Ford T with Vickers MG         
TL 009 Armored Train Engine MAV BR 377         
TL 010 Armored Train Infantry wagon         
TL 011 Armored Train Gun wagon         
TL 012 Armored Train WW I (2xTL 009; 2xTL011; 1xTL010)         
TL 013 Railway Flatwaggon WW I         
TL 014 Hunting Tank IV "Zwischenlösung"         
TL 015 German Draisine infantrie waggon         
TL 016 Flammhetzer         
TL 017 Beobachtungshetzer         
TL 018 Bergepanther Go to the Fine Scale Factory website for numerous photos of the completed model.    Dave Showell
TL 019 M4 Composite Hull Sherman Modified from ESCI M4A1 and M4A3 Shermans. Very good kit, but needs some spare parts from another ESCI kit. Preview1
Doug Chaltry
TL 020 Jumbo Sherman Outstanding kit, originally modified from an ESCI M4A3. Comparison Doug Chaltry
TL 021 Ford T Ambulance         
TL 022 Sherman Firefly (early)    Comparison
TL 023 Bergehetzer - Recovery Vehicle         
TL 024 M4A3E8 Sherman w/Winter Tracks         
TL 025 M4A3 HVSS WW II & Korea    

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
World War I
WE 14 German shells and grenades      
World War II
WZ 29 Observation equipment      
WZ 54 Sherman Dozerblade   Preview  
WZ 55 Sherman Winter Tracks White metal tracks cast in lengths of a dozen or so links each. T54 track (from ESCI kits) fitted with extended end connectors. Preview  
WZ 56 Panther Tracks White metal tracks.    
WZ 59 Sherman hedgerow cutter      
WZ 60 Aunt Jemima Mine Roller For Sherman tanks.    
PW 002 M51 Sherman Tracks White metal tracks for HVSS Shermans.    

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
WG 013Roadside cross
WS 008Simple farm house, thatched roof
WS 009Simple farm house, shingled roof
WS 012Ladders

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
World War I
WE 16 Five Troops with Gasmasks (and dog)      
WE 17 German Tankers      
WE 18 German Soldiers at Rest      
WE 20 WW I German Tank Crew      
WE 21 Nuns      
WE 22 German Artillery Observers      
World War II
WZ 39 German Soldiers w/wounded comrade      
WZ 40 RAF Personnel      
WZ 57 Volkssturm      
PW 003 Israeli Tank Soldiers (1982) Three very boring, and quite plain, figures. Preview  
PW 006 Israeli Soldiers w/Flak Jackets (1967-73)      
WG 016Dromedary
WS 007Smithy

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