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Deutscher Generatorhänger Machinsatz 220/380V Drehstrom 30KVA Anhänger (lachs) fahrbar

Kit #: WZ 47 Review by Christopher Benjamin - christopherb214(at)msn(dot)com

I believe Fine scale Factory has been deceased for awhile now. I built this "shelf queen" as a challenge to myself in the summer of 2009 to build 10 resin kits. I got as far as getting 6 of them done and this was one.

The kit had 15 green resin parts and 6 white metal ones. The spare tire was deformed and I had to use putty to build up the bottom of it. Worse, yet, there are few pictures of this beast and no instructions in the kit. So it may not be properly assembled.

I put one of the white metal rear doors on the kit after building most of it up and found that the weight of the metal door made the front of the kit point up into the sky. So, I used plastic sheet instead and used copper wire for the handles.

Despite few reference photos, I think this may be a Luftwaffe generator. I believe the generator was removable as seen in my pictures, even if it was only for maintenance. It probably needed 220 volts or 380 volts A.C. power and would in turn generate 30,0000 volt/amps, hence the designation "220/380V drehstrom, 30KVA".

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Review Last Updated: 14 March 2010

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