Euromodel Plus
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Resin kits from Poland. Back in production from November 2009. The range seems to be relabeled as Tank Models.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
7201 Raketenwerfer auf Panzer IVd        
7202 10,5 cm K18 auf Panzer Selbstfahrlafette IVa (Dicker Max)        
7203 Waffentrager Ardelt with 88mm Pak 43 L/71 gun        
7204 12,8 cm K40 L/61 auf Panzer Selbstfahrlafette V (Sturer Emil)   Preview    
7205 Panzer IV with Hydrostatc Drive        
7206 Panzer IV Krupp Version     Rob Haelterman  
7207 SdKfz 165 15 cm SPG "Hummel" – early version        
7208 SdKfz 165 15 cm SPG "Hummel" – late version        
7209 Hummel Munutionstrager        
7210 Nashorn Early Version        
7211 Nashorn Late Version        

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