Eureka XXL
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Accessory sets from Poland. As of now, all they market in this scale are metal and resin tow cables of exceptional quality.

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews
7201 Tow Cables for Panzer IV      
7202 Tow Cables for Leopard 1/2   Preview  
7203 Tow Cables for Panzer V Panther   Preview  
7204 Tow Cables for Panzer VI Tiger      
7205 Tow Cables for Panzer III Ausf. A-F, K, M, N      
7206 Tow Cables for Panzer III Ausf. G-L      
7207 Tow Cables for Stug III Ausf. A-E      
7208 Tow Cables for Stug III Ausf. F-G, StuH 42, Sturmpanzer III      
7209 Tow Cables for Ferdinand      
7210 Tow Cables for Elefant      
7211 Tow Cables for T-34/76, SU-85, SU-100 & SU-122 Two strands of copper wire and four fine resin towing eyes with hollowed out ends, in which the modeler needs to insert the cables. The parts are so delicate that one of my towing eyes was broken. The label says "T-34/76", while set #7212 mentions "late war T-34/85". My guess is that this set would also work for the early T-34/85 - R. Haelterman



7212 Tow Cables for T-34/85 late war and post-war      
7213 Tow Cables for IS-1, IS-2, IS-3      
7214 Tow Cables for KV-1 & KV-2      
7215 Tow Cables for Modern Soviet Tanks, T-54 and newer      
7216 Tow Cables for M4 Shermans      
LH-01 Tow Cable (0,6mm x 50cm)
Tow Cable (0,75mm x 50cm)      
Tow Cable (0,9mm x 50cm)      
Tow Cable (1,1mm x 50cm)      
Tow Cable (1,25mm x 50cm)      
Tow Cable (1,35mm x 50cm)      
Tow Cable (1,5mm x 50cm)      
LH-Z Tow Cables (8 cables 0,4mm-1,5mm, 50cm lenght)      

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Kit list last updated 25 October 2020