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From Poland. Company is also part of the Blue Square Models, G3 Resin and Abteilung '46 group.

Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
B72003 Bergeschlepper conversion for T-34        
B72005 Panzerkampfwagen T-25        
B72007 Gepanzerte RSO prototype        
B72009 Sd.kfz 325 (Adler Prototype)        
B72010 Panzer I Ausf F or Panzer II Ausf J Crane for Flyhawk kit      
B72011 Raümschauffelpanzer Panther Ausf.D For Revell/Dragon kits      
B72011Minenraumpanzer III
B72017 B-stoff trailer        
B72019Versuchs-Feuerleitpanzer BN10H
German Cargo/Flak Barge Flak gun not included      
B72023Semovente Da 47/32 su Scafo AB/41
B72025Mittlerer Anhanger mit Betriebestoffkesselenlage
B72027Japanese 120mm Type 4 Ho-To
B72028Japanese SPG Type 5 Ho-Ru
B72031Japanese Type 2 Ke-To light tank
B72032Vickers Crossley Armoured Car IJA
B72033Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha late version
B72042Pz.Inż 342
B72045Panzer-Selbstfahrlafette II Hornisse
B72049Fiat 172B armoured car prototype
B72053U.S. Armored Dozer "Iraq"
B72054Viberti Carro Rimorchio Cingolato2 kits
B72061PzInż 322 Tractor
B72062PzInż 322 Tractor with pontoon bridge trailer
B72062Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) Rail Version with rail base
B72063Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) FUNK version
B72064Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) 5CM KWK39 L/60 Gun
B72065AMD 35 Panhard (Type 178)
B72066Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) Rail FUNK version with base
B72067Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) 5CM KWK38 (L42)
B72068Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f)
B72069Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) Radio version with 2x MG
B72070Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) CDM Turret
B72071Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) Unarmed Radio Vehicle
B72072AMD 35 Panhard prototype
B72073PSW-204(F) w./ MG.34
B72074Polish Trailers set September 39
B72075TKS Autotransporter
B72076Pz.Inż 342 Artillery version
B72085Autoblinda AB42
B72090ARL V39 /75mm APX Gun
B72094T1 Howitzer Motor Carriage
B72098IDF AMX-13/75
BC005 Raumschauffelpanzer Stug IV For Revell/Dragon/Trumpeter kits      
Ringhoffer-Tatra Werke AG Sd.Kfz.9 For Revell kit      
BC01710,5cm Raketenwerfer "Taifun" for Model Collect kit
BC02010,5cm Raketenwerfer "Taifun" with bottom cooling system for Model Collect kit
BC021Raketenwerfer "Taifun" for MB-L4500 conversionfor Schatton kit
BC022Brückenlager auf Panzer II Bconversion for "The World at War" kit Pz II B
BC023Fahrschulepanzer II Bconversion for "The World at War" kit Pz II B
BC025105mm Zwilling E-100 Ausf.H "Bölthorn"
BC02675mm PAK-Zwilling E-50 Ausf.F "Specht"resin conversion for Trumpeter E-50/E-75
BC027Raketenstartgerät E-100 Ausf.J "Schwirrvogel"
BC028Panzer I Super Set 4 in 1 conversions set
BC030Polish Ammo Trailer September '39
GW-01Ford 3-Ton Tank Mod.1918
GW-02Ford 3-Ton Tractor /W. Trailer
GW-04Samovente 105/14 SPG

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
BC002 Airfield Roller for Stalinetz S-65 For Trumpeter kit      
BC012Sd.Kfz.9 Famo cross-country wheelsfor Revell kit
BC013Sd.Kfz.11-251 winter wheelsfor First To Fight/Revell/Hasegawa kits
BC014Sd.Kfz.9 Famo winter engine coverfor Revell kit
BC024Airfield Roller for Hanomag SS100
BC029Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) additional stowage set
BC030Folded tarpaulinfor Roden kit
BC031V1 Cargo transportfor Roden kit
BC032Cargo for Ford G917T/V3000for IBG kits

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
B72001Ancient base with ruins Vol.1resin   
B72002Battlefield base with fuel drumsresin   
B72004Factory cable spools    
B72006German warehouse WWIIresin   
B72008Flak 38/Flakvierling 38 Emplacement baseresin   
BA35082Factory gears (extra small) for diorama 1/35 1/48 1/72resin   
BP72001WWII German Postersprinted paper   
BP72001Fence - type 1
BP72002WWII Maps Setprinted paper   
BP72002Fence - type 2
BP72003WWII Mines Signsprinted paper   
BP72003Fence - type 3
BP72004WWII Soviet Propaganda Postersprinted paper   
BP72005WWII U.S Propaganda Postersprinted paper   
BP72006Radioactive Warning Signsprinted paper   
BP72006Pumpkinsetched metal   
BP72007WWI Propaganda Postersprinted paper   
BP72008WWII Newspapersprinted paper   
BP72009Carpetsprinted paper   
BP72009Ivy for dioramasetched metal   
BP72010Arabic Signs & Logosprinted paper   
BP72011WWII French Propaganda posters
BP72012WWII Dutch Propaganda posters
BP72013WWII Italian Propaganda posters
BP72014Sci-fi propaganda posters - set 1
BP72015Sci-fi propaganda posters - set 2
BP72016WWII Polish Propaganda Posters

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Kit list last updated 23 December 2019