Abteilung '46
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From Poland. Company is also part of the Blue Square Models, G3 Resin and Blitz Workshop group.

Kits - Resin
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AB72001 Lauster Wargel LW3 mod. 1943        
AB72002 German 3-ton trailer        
AB72003 German Lauster Wargel LW2 mod.1939        
AB72004 Waldschlepper RS 1500        
AB72005 VK. 3002 MAN Prototype        
AB72006 Beobachtungspanzer Panther        
AB72007 SdKfz325        
AB72008 Skoda 20t Dampfschlepper        
AB72009 Skoda 38D Dampfschlepper Mod.1944        
AB72011 Gepanzerter RSO        
AB72012 Schienenwolf (light)        
AB72013 Schienenwolf (heavy)        
AB72014 Schienenwolf (armored)        
AB72015 VK.3002 MAN Prototype with turret        
AB72020 Schwimm RSO        
AB72023 Gepanzerte RSO mit Pak40        
AB72027 10.5cm GebH 40auf RSO/01        
AB72029 7.5cm GebH 36 auf RSO/03        
AB72030 15cm sIG auf RSO/03        
AB72032 Gepanzerte RSO        
AB72033 Flammpanzer Hetzer II mit Pz.38(t) turm        
AB72037Lauster Wargel LW3 Mod.1942 (bonus trailer)
AB72038Lauser Wargel LW5
AB72039Lauster Wargel LW 6 Mod. 1942
AB72040Lauster Wargel LW7/I 1943
AB72041Lauster Wargel LW7/II 1944/45
AB72043RSO/01 Field Conversion /W. PAK38

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Kit list last updated 31 August 2018