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72008 Chinese Tank & AFV Vickers Carden-Loyd, Vickers 6ton, T-26, BT-5, BA-3, BA-20, M3A1, PzKpfw I Ausf. A,, Type 94, SdKfz221-222-223      
72010 M4A4 Sherman; M5A1 Stuart R.O.C. (Taiwan) Army

A small decal sheet with decals for two Shermans and five Stuarts of the Taiwanese Army. The decals are nicely printed. Incidentally the Sherman markings are the same as in Dragon kit 7311, although the color scheme is slightly different. As this is currently the only plastic kit of the M4A4, and consequently the one you will probably use these decals on, the value of this set lies mainly with its usefulness for resin kits. Alternatively, it could however be used to build Dragon kit 7312 (Sherman Mk.V Tulip) as a Chinese M4A4- R. Haelterman

While the Dragon kit has decals "21" and "22" for the Taiwanese markings, they aren't mentioned in the instructions. The Bestfong set doesn't have them at all. These appear to be the ears of the "mouse".
Bestfong is correct that the top of the vehicle is yellow and that the real tanks had applique armor. Dragon is wrong in this respect.
Note that the vehicles are not symmetrically marked on both sides (see here and here). - T. Lau

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