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Resin and etched brass kits from Hungary. Post-World War Two subjects produced by the same firm that makes the Hunor Product kits. A few of their items are re-releases of MN65 molds.

Resin Kits
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AT-105 Saxon        
AT-105 Saxon Medevac        
72052 AT-105 "Flying" Saxon        


152mm SpGH DANA        


ZIL-130 early        


ZIL-130 late        


ZIL-130 Dumper        


ZIL-130 Tanker        


ZIL-130 Tractor        
72095 ZSU-57-2        
72096 JVBT-55A        
72097 JVBT-55TK        
72101 D-944 PSZH ex-MN65 molds   Al Magnus  
72102 SPW PSH Chemical        
72103 D-442 FUG ex-MN65 molds      
72104 VS FUG Chemical APC        
72105 OT-65 Vydra ex-MN65 molds      
72106 BTR-40 Rail        
72108 BTR-40 The basic one piece hull is not at all bad, with details on both inside and outside, though there was a lot of surplus resin in more or less insignificant places underneath (wheel arches, propeller shaft tube, etc.) which they have made some attempt to grind off with a Dremel with limited success. There was one bubble on the BTR40 hull which was on the top of the hull side, but will be pretty easy to fix. There are a few other bubbles, but they are internal to the resin and should not affect the surface.
The rest of it is pretty awful. Wheels have unlikely tyre tread (haven't checked pics); back axle is moulded in, but front one has to be glued in; 4 seats (one broken) and a winch, I think, to be fixed at the front. The instructions are marked TEMPORARY and are hand drawn and dire, with no indication of what should be supplied in the kit and what you have to make yourself. They show a dashboard and steering wheel, but no sign of them in the box!
- Chris Grove -
72110 MAZ 537 Prime Mover resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72111 MAZ 537G late resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72112 ChMZAP-9990 52/65 trailer (for MAZ 537G) resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72113 IFA W50L resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72114 IFA W50L Police resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72115 IFA W60L Container resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72116 PRAGA V3S Truck resin kit      
72117 PRAGA V3S PAD resin kit      
72118 PRAGA V3S with 130mm RM vz.51 resin kit      
72119 PRAGA V3S PLDvK. vz. 53/59 'Jesterka' resin kit      


IFA W50 LAK        
72123 A3JS trailer        


IFA L60 Truck        


IFA L60 LAK II        
72198 MAXX Pro Cat II Ambulance        
72200 MAXX PRO resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72201 IVECO LMV Lince resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72202 IVECO LMV Panther resin kit      
72203 IVECO LMV Medevac resin kit      
72206 M923 5t truck 'Bigfoot' resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72207 M923 5t truck 'Bigfoot' with canvas cover resin kit with photo-etched parts      
72210 M931 Tractor        
72211 M923 Armoured Cab        
72213 M923 Gun Truck        
72222 M1078 LMTV with Canvas        
72225 M1083A1 FMTV 6x6        
72226 M1083A1 FMTV 6x6 with tarp        
72227 M1083 FMTV Dump Truck        
72228 M1083 FMTV 6x6 Tractor        
A72001 IZH Pickup-up        
A72002 IZH Pickup-up w/ body        
A72019 ZIL-157 with SA-2        
A72020 ZIL-131 with SA-2 SAM        
A72062 ZIS-150 Kung-1        
A72063 TZ-150 Tanker        
A72067 ZIL-164 Tanker        
A72069 ZIL-164 SKP-9        
A72076 ZIL-130 Airfield Control        
A72098 T-55T        
A72099 VT-55 ARV        
A72107 BTR-40B        
C72001 IZH Pickup-up        
C72002 IZH Pickup-up w/ body        
C72003 VAZ-LADA 2101 / ZHIGULI 1200        
C72004 VAZ-LADA 2101S / ZHIGULI 1300        
C72005 VAZ-LADA 2102 / ZHIGULI Kombi        
C72006 Fiat 124        
C72011 LADA-VAZ 2104 POLICE        
C72012 LADA-VAZ 2105 POLICE        
C72013 LADA-VAZ 2104        
C72014 LADA-VAZ 2105        
E72021 ZIL-135 FROG-7        
E72022 9K57 URAGAN        
E72023 ZIL-135 9T452 reloader for Uragan        
E72024 ZIL-135 9T29 Frog / Luna transporter        
E72025 ZIL-135LM        
E72031BAV-485 (ZIS-485)
E72055 TATRA 813        
E72056 Tatra 813 with canvas bed cover        
E72059 TATRA RM70        
E72060 ZIS-150        
E72066 ZIL-164        
E72076 ZIL-130 Airfield Control        
E72081 BTT-1 ARV        
E72093MTU-55 (MT-55A)
E72094 Schulpanzer T-55 NVA        
E72098 T-55T        
E72099 VT-55 ARV        
E72109 BTR-40A        
E72132 IFA L60 STABSKOFFER        
Robur LO 1800 truck        
Robur LO 2002 truck        
Robur LO 1800 truck with canvas        
Robur LO 2002 Kofferfahrzeug        
E72153 Robur LO 1800 Kofferaufbau
E72154 Robur LO 2002 Lautsprecher RKW        
E72155Robur LO1800 & ZPU-2 14,5mm late
E72156Robur LO2002 & ZPU-2 14,5mm late
E72157Robur LO 2002 Schmetterlinkgkoffer Aufbau
E72158 Robur LO 2002 LAK        
E72159Robur LO 2002 Faltkoffer
E72160Robur LO 2002 Stabskoffer - open
E72181 KRAZ 255 Low Sidewall        
E72182 KRAZ 255 High Sidewall        
E72183 KRAZ 255 with canvas        
E72184 KRAZ 255 PMP-3 River Part        
E72185 KRAZ 255 PMP-3 Coastal Part        
E72186 KRAZ 255 TMM3        
E72201 Type 653 ARV        
E72202 Type-80        
E72210 Type 63-1 (WZ-531A PLA)        
E72211 Type 63-2 (WZ-531B PLA)        
E72214 YW-701 Command & Control        
E72216 YW-701 Command & Control - export        
E72217 YW-750 Ambulance (WZ-750 PLA)        
E72218 YW-750 Ambulance - export        
E72230Beijing 212
E72231Beijing 212 wth tarp roof
E72232Beijing 212A with 105mm type 75
E72233Beijing 212A
E72234Beijing 212A with tarp roof
EK7201 MAZ-537G & ChMZAP-9990 Trailer        
M72001 KZKT-7428 & ChMZAP-9990        
M915 AM General with off-road wheels
M72103 M915 AM General tractor with armoured cab
M72041 M1078 LTAS Cab        
M72042 M1078 LTAS Cab with canvas        
M72046 M1083 FMTV LTAS Cab        
M72048 M1083 LTAS Cab with Shelter        
M72049 M1090 LTAS Cab Dump Truck        
M72050 M1088 FMTV LTAS Cab 5ton tractor        
M72104 M916 AM General with off-road wheels
M72105 M916 AM General tractor with armoured cab        
M72106M920 AM General tractor with off-road wheels
M72107M920 AM General tractor with armored cab
M72196 MAXX Pro with Spark Mine Roller        
M72197 MAXX Pro with Mine Roller        
M72199 MAXX Pro Cat.1        
M72208 M929 Truck with Shelter        
M72209 M929 Dump Truck        
M72212 M923 Tanker        
M72214 Big Foot with Spark Mine Roller        
M72215M936 A1 Wrecker
M72216M936 A2 Wrecker
M72221 M1078 LTV        
M72223 M1078 LTV with Shelter        
M72224 M1078 LMTV & Mobile Gas Station        
M72231 M1078 LMTV Armoured Cab        
M72232 M1078 LMTV armoured cab with canvas bed cover        
M72233 M1078 LMTV Armoured Cab with Shelter        
M72234 M1078 LMTV Armoured Cab & Mobile Gas Station        
M72235 M1078 FMTV Armoured Cab        
M72237 M1078 FMTV Armoured Cab Tractor        
N72001 Lynx        
N72002 M113 C&R        
N72003 M114 Command & Reconn        
N72004 M114 ACAV        
N72005 M114 A1E1 with 20mm M139 gun        
N72006 M114A2 with M60 Turret Cupola        
Humber Pig Mk.I        
Humber Pig Mk.II        
N72043 Humber "Flying" Pig
Humber Hornet        
N72051 KZKT 7428 Tractor        
N72053 AT-105 Saxon Police        
N72054 AT-105 Saxon with PEAK turret        
N72071 MB Truck        
N72072 MB Truck w/ Canvas        
N72073 MB Truck w/ Shelter        
N72074 MB Truck w. Faltkoffer        
N72076 MB U1300        
N72077 MB U1300 with canvas        
N72078 MB U1300 with armoured cab        
N72079 MB U1300 Ambulance        
N72080 MB U1300 Fire Truck        
N72091 HS-30 Schützenpanzer Lang        
N72092 HS-30 Schützenpanzer Lang mit 106mm Leichtgesütz        
N72093 HS-30 Feuerleitpanzer        
N72094 HS-30 Raketenjagdpanzer        
N72095 HS-30 Panzermörser 120mm        
M915A1 AM General tractor        
N72102 M916 AM General tractor        
N72103M920 AM General tractor
N72104M52 Tractor 5t
N72105M51Dump Truck 5t
N72106M54 Truck 5t - low side wall
N72107M54 Truck 5t - high side wall
N72108M54 Truck 5t - canvas
N72109M54 5-ton Truck - Mobile Gas Station
N72110M54 5t Gun Truck
N72111M543 Wrecker 5t
N72120M813 Truck 5t - low side wall
N72121M813 Truck 5t - high side wall
N72122M813 Truck 5t - canvas
N72123M813 Truck 5t - mil. container
N72124M817 Dump Truck 5t
N72125M817 Truck 5t - canvas
N72126M816 Wrecker 5t
N72150V-300 .50 cal. turret
N72151V-300 25mm turret
N72152V-300 FISTV TOW
N72153V-300 90mm turret
N72160ELVO Leonidas 1
N72161ELVO Leonidas 2
W72001 Pandur 6x6   Preview    
W72002 Pandur SAN        
W72003 Pandur MTGS Kuwait        
W72004 Pandur ARFSV        
W72005 EE-11 URUTU        
W72006 EE-11 URUTU        
W72007 EE-11 URUTU HMG        
W72008 EE-11 w.90mm COCKERILL        
W72009 EE-11 URUTU Ambulance        
W72010 EE-11 URUTU ARV        
W72011 EE-9 CASCAVEL I        
W72012 EE-9 CASCAVEL II        
W72013 EE-9 CASCAVEL III        
W72014 EE-9 CASCAVEL IV-V        
W72026SK-105 Kürassier A1
W72027SK-105 Kürassier A2
W72030 M-60P        
W72031 M-60PB        
W72032 M-60San        
W72034 BOV-VP        
W72035 BOV-4 Police        
W72036 BOV-SN Ambulance        
W72037 BOV-3 Anti-Aircraft        
W72038 BOV-3 Anti-Tank        

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
AHCONV 72001 FV432 Rarden for S & M Models kit      
AHCONV 72002 BTR-A SPAAG for ICM kit      
AHCONV 72003 25mm Oerlikon KBA in GBD Turret        
AHCONV 7206Ford Mutt Canvasfor S-Model kit
AHCONV 7207Ford Mutt Hard Topfor S-Model kit
AHCONV 7208Ford Mutt Ambulance Canvasfor S-Model kit

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
E72197PMP-3 River Part Pontoon2 pcs.
E72198PMP-3 Coastal Part Pontoon2 pcs.
E72199TMM-3 Mobile Bridge2 pcs.

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Kit list last updated 21 November 2021