Kit # 2075 Preview by Rob Haelterman

A simple set, as diorama sets go. You get four pieces: the ground plate and two sections of wall. On the plus side, one can mention the fine quality of the casting (almost no warping, few air bubbles); on the downside, the lack of detail on the backside of the walls. As these will be visible, most modelers will like some detail on both sides, so you are in for a couple of hours of sanding, scribing and carving.
The boxtop shows a Tiger (which, obviously, is not included). Judging from the track marks in the base plate, this is exactly the vehicle you will need to turn this diorama into a consistent entity. Alternatively the track sections might be filled in and rescribed.


Assembly was straightforward, but as already anticipated, adding detail to the rear of the parts took a huge amount of time. In my opinion it is absolutely necessary, however, as both sides of the parts are visible. As you can see in the pictures below, on some parts the bricks and window frames were engraved, while other parts were roughened up with super glue and baking powder. Rebars made from copper wire were added as well.

In the pictures below a very basic paintjob was applied, which clearly still needs a lot of work. A lot of extra rubble will be needed as well.



This is the final result.

Review sample purchased by the author.

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08 May 2012
04 November 2017
19 June 2019