Berlin 1945

Kit #: 6272 Preview by Rob Haelterman

While primarily aimed at the wargaming community, this typical 5-figure Zvezda set can be put to use by the static modeler as well.
Normally, Zvezda's box-art leaves little to the imagination. In this set, it, unfortunately, does, to a certain extent.

Inside the small end-opening box are two sprues of fairly hard grey plastic. These contain the parts to assemble five figures, two of which are identical. A large part of the sprues is taken up by a banner and various base plates, which the display modeler will probably not use (except during painting).
For those who are interested, the bases offer the option of grouping the five figures together or giving each figure its own base. The bases have a tiled pattern and the big base also comes with seven sandbags.

The figures are wearing a mixture of clothing, but all wear the typical Volkssturm armband on the left upper sleeve.
Going into more detail, we see the following:

  • One figure is standing, wearing a civilian overcoat and hat. He's equipped with a haversack, gorget (probably of the Panzerwarndienst) and Kar98k. The latter is a separate piece.
    Compared to the boxtop, his pose is similar, with only the position of the head being different.
    This figure is 192 scale cm tall (including head- and footgear).
  • Another is crouching, holding a VG1-5 Volkssturmgewehr. He's wearing a pre-1942 Wehrmacht uniform with pleated pockets and a peaked cap which resembles the Bergmütze worn by the Gebirgsjäger, although it might pass for an Einheitsfeldmütze.
    The pose on the boxtop is somewhat more relaxed than that of the actual plastic figure, which seems a bit artificial.
  • A third figure is also crouching, wearing a civilian overcoat and hat. He's equipped with a haversack and an MP 28.
    The pose is very close to the one on the boxtop
  • The last two figures are identical and are equipped with a Panzerfaust. The boxtop shows one with the weapon on the shoulder, while the other is aiming. We only get the former (twice). The figure is in civilian clothes and apart from the armband, the Einheitsfeldmütze and the weapon, nothing gives him away as being part of the Wehrmacht. Some minor modifications might turn him into a regular civilian. This figure is only 162 scale cm tall (including head- and footgear).

As far as I can tell, these figures have accurate (though somewhat rigid) anatomy, gear and uniforms.

The instructions are simple and for most experienced modelers overkill. The figures are very well molded with little flash and excellent detail overall. Often with these sets, the chest of the figures is devoid of detail and needs resculpting. This is not the case here.

While the figures might be built by snapping the parts together, glue really is needed to get a convincing fit, whatever the boxtop might claim. Even then, some filling might be needed, based on my experience with other Zvezda figure sets.
I am always wary when buying plastic figures, as most manufacturers use some ungluable vinyl. While the plastic used here is softer than some styrene, it does react very well to glues like MEK. I really mean VERY well, so be careful as the plastic will soften immediately. This is good to get a convincing joint, but it might also mar the detail. Removing the seams with a sharp scalpel is no problem (for as much as removal is needed) and sanding goes smoothly as well.





Review sample purchased by the author.


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31 October 2021

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