German Panzergrenadiers in Anorak

Kit #: 6270 Preview by Rob Haelterman

While primarily aimed at the wargaming community (witnessed, for instance, by the base with oversized banner), this typical 5-figure Zvezda set is a welcome addition to the figure collection of a static modeler, as it carries a high diorama potential. Normally, with Zvezda sets, the boxtop leaves little to the imagination as the figures are almost exact replicas of the box art, but sometimes you get something else entirely (the German sniper team comes to mind). Fortunately, there are no really big surprises here.

The "anorak" in the title is more commonly known as a "smock" (or "Tarnhemd" in German). Due to this garment, I first thought we were dealing with a set of Waffen-SS figures, in which case the Doppellitzen on the collars shown on the boxtop would be incorrect. A little bit of extra research revealed that the Wehrmacht also used a similar smock (but in fewer numbers than the Waffen-SS). I say "similar", not "identical". The Waffen-SS pattern had elasticated cuffs, while the Wehrmacht pattern didn't. The figures in this set have the Wehrmacht pattern.

In this box you get two sprues carrying 5 figures, in 4 different poses (while the boxtop shows the two identical figures in a slightly different pose). The sprues also contain a base to support all five figures and five individual bases (always handy when painting) and a wargaming flag.

The figures all are multi-part; together with the instructions there will be little doubt about the way these figures assemble, however.

The figures have convincing poses, anatomy and facial expressions. Detail of the clothing and helmet cover is equally nice. Casting and detail is really good, except at the level where the two mold halves meet. In this area some resculpting will be necessary. The joints between the parts will also need a bit of attention, but as the plastic react well to MEK, they can easily be smoothed out.

Three of the figures are armed with the standard MP40, one is holding a StG44 (only suitable for a post-September 1943 setting) and one has an MG34 (which would have become somewhat rarer by the time the MP44 entered service in numbers). The rolled up sleeves of the figure giving directions would also limit the use to the warmer parts of the year.




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08 April 2021

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