German Headquarters in Winter Uniform

Kit #: 6232 Preview by Rob Haelterman

Zvezda has spoiled us in the past with simple, but original sets that carry a high diorama potential. This is one of them and, as usual, the front and back of the box leave little to the imagination. The set contains four figures (most likely staff officers) and a binocular trench periscope. All of the figures are wearing greatcoats and, looking at the creases, these seem to be made of either heavy cloth or leather. Two of them have an additional, custom-made fur collar. This would make the set most useful for a cold winter setting.
Headgear for all of them is represented by the Schirmmütze.
Going into more detail, we see the following:

  • One figure (with fur collar) is unarmed, carries absolutely nothing, has his hands behind his back, and has just eaten very well. He's probably the one on top of the foodchain.
  • One carries a pistol, map case and small binoculars. He is wearing a balaclava, again implying a very cold setting. He is not equipped with the flashlight seen on the boxtop.
  • Another figure has a pistol, map case, flashlight and is pointing with one hand, while the other hand is tucked away, Napoleon-style, into his greatcoat. he is also wearing a balaclava.
  • The last figure is the one actually looking through the periscope. He also has a fur collar, and only carries a pistol. This is the only figure that needs assembly.

Height of the figures from boots to halfway the peaked cap is 24.5mm (roughly 175cm).

The periscope seems to be a correct representation of the WWII BMK SF 14 Trench Periscope Binoculars without the tubular covers that were sometimes added to reduce glare.


The remainder of the set consists of bases and a flag.
Casting and detail is really good, even at the level where the two mold halves meet. Very little resculpting will be necessary. The joints between the parts will need a bit of attention, but as the plastic react well to MEK, they can easily be smoothed out.

As far as I can tell, these figures have accurate anatomy, gear and uniforms, even if they are a bit on the tall side. The shoulder boards which are missing on the greatcoats in some other Zvezda sets have been reproduced. The sleeve eagle that can be seen on the boxtop is not sculpted, which would have meant that these figures represented Waffen-SS troops.



Review sample purchased by the author.


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31 December 2017

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