British Recon Team 1939-1945

Kit #: 6226 Preview by Rob Haelterman


I've come to like these small boxes of Zvezda figures for various reasons.
First of all, they represent good value for money in my eyes, especially compared to resin or metal figures. Admittedly, the bigger boxes of vinyl figures give more figures for your buck, and some have great sculpting, but removing the molding seams is a rail pain which I cannot handle. Other brands offer hard plastic figures for reasonable prices per figure, but if I do the math and compute the price per figure that I will actually use from these sets, Zvezda remains competitive (except when compared to Preiser).
Another reason is that these sets have instant diorama potential with figures that have lively poses and that are meant to be used together. Four figures is about the maximum I like to put into a vignette, as I don't want to draw too much attention away from the vehicles.

Obviously, these sets are aimed at the wargaming community (with a stats card, flag and base) and while this might drive up the cost due to extra parts not needed for static modeling, it also reduces the cost due to a larger sales potential. Besides, I actually like the bases as they are very practical for handling the figures during painting, while the flag is a good source for thick plastic when scratchbuilding.


The parts

Two sprues are provided for four multi-part figures, flags and bases.

The boxtop and rear give an idea of what you will be getting and will help assembly. Together with the instructions there will be little doubt about the way these figures assemble. (I've actually tried to imagine ways to assemble them in any other way, and failed.)

Casting and detail is really good, except at the level where the two mold halves meet. In this area some resculpting will be necessary.



As far as I can tell, these figures have accurate anatomy, gear and uniforms. It is impossible to tell if they are wearing the early or late ("austerity") pattern battle dress, as the pockets are not visible due to the equipment being carried.
Three figures are equipped with rifles, one with a Bren Gun. One is carrying a radio set that looks a lot like a N°18 wireless set, but it could be a N°48 as well.

They only thing somewhat less accurate is the name of the set. The Bren Gun looks to be a Mk2, which would limit the set to 1941 or later, while the carriage of the gasmask on the chest would indicate an early war setting. I am not sure when this type of gas mask carrier would have been completely replaced, but I have not found too many pictures of it in 1944.


Wargaming stats (if you want to know)



Review sample purchased by the author.


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