German Sniper Team

Kit #: 6217 Preview by Rob Haelterman

While primarily aimed at the wargaming community (witnessed, for instance, by the base with oversized banner), this typical 4-figure Zvezda set is a welcome addition to the figure collection of a static modeler, as it carries a high diorama potential. Normally, with Zvezda sets, the boxtop leaves little to the imagination as the figures are almost exact replicas of the box art, but this set is an exception and thus a disappointment.

Inside the small end opening box are two sprues of fairly hard grey plastic. This contains the parts to assemble four figures.
Going into more detail, we see the following:

  • Two figures are lying down, one aiming a rifle equipped with a telescopic sight, while the other, similarly equipped, is crawling forward.
  • One figure is sitting, aiming his rifle (with telescopic sight).
  • The last figure is also sitting, waiting for a good moment to peek behind a corner, also equipped with a rifle with telescopic sight.

While all the figures have useful poses, only the figure lying down, aiming his rifle comes close to the figures on the boxtop. The figure sitting on his knees, aiming his rifle might be familiar, but is still in a different pose, while the figures equipped with binoculars or periscope (and MP40) are nowhere to be seen. The latter two would actually have explained the title of the set ("sniper team"), as often snipers worked together with a spotter. To add insult to injury, the G43 or K43 rifle, often used by snipers but not yet offered in 1/72, is shown on the box for one figure, while the plastic parts are just for ordinary Kar98k. (Thanks to Peter van Kempen for drawing my attention to this.)

The four figures are all wearing (what seems to be) a Zeltbahn over their regular tunic, which, again, is different from the attire seen on the boxtop. It does make them suitable to a wider time period, though. All are also wearing a helmet cover.

Height of the figures is difficult to measure, due to their poses, but as far as I can tell, these figures have accurate anatomy, gear and uniforms.

The figures are very well molded with little flash and excellent detail overall, except for the areas that are on the mold line, which is devoid of detail, like the chest of the lying figures (which doesn't really matter).
While the majority of the sprues is taken up by the bases and flag, we also get a few, small sections of brick wall, which might actually be useful.

The instructions are simple and for most experienced modelers overkill.
While the figures might be built by snapping the parts together, glue really is needed to get a convincing fit, whatever the boxtop might claim. Even then, some filling might be needed, based on my experience with other Zvezda figure sets.
I am always wary when buying plastic figures, as most manufacturers use some ungluable vinyl. While the plastic used here is softer than some styrene, it does react very well to glues like MEK. I really mean VERY well, so be careful as the plastic will soften immediately. This is good to get a convincing joint, but it might also mar the detail. Removing the seams with a sharp scalpel is no problem (for as much as removal is needed) and sanding goes smoothly as well.

Conclusion: the quality of the figures is very good, but I am disappointed that I didn't get the exact poses that were on the boxtop.


Review sample purchased by the author.


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31 October 2018

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