German Air Force Ground Crew

Kit #: 6188 Preview by Rob Haelterman

While primarily aimed at the wargaming community (witnessed, for instance, by the base with oversized banner), this typical 5-figure Zvezda set is a welcome addition to the figure collection of a static modeler, as it carries a high diorama potential. Normally, with Zvezda sets, the boxtop leaves little to the imagination as the figures are almost exact replicas of the box art, but in this case there are is a major deviation as the kneeling figure (seen on top of the wing of the Fw190) is actually a standing figure, slightly bending forward. It is still useful, though.

So what do we get in this set ?

  • Two figures handling a bomb trolley. While the boxtop shows tanktops, both are topless.
  • A figure handling a jerrycan (obviously full, by the way he's handling it) and a spare jerrycan. The figure is wearing a coverall. On the boxtop he is bare-headed. The plastic figure wears a sidecap.
  • The abovementioned figure that is bending forward holding a screwdriver. He's also wearing a coverall and has a toolbox. On the boxtop he is bare-headed. The plastic figure wears a sidecap.
  • A figure pushing a fuel or oil barrel (which is included), equally wearing a coverall.
  • A bomb trolley with a bomb (which seems to be an SC250 or SD250).

What is not included are the aircraft shown on the boxtop, which probably comes as no surprise to anyone.

All the figures are multipart and only require minor cleanup or rescribing of lost detail. Anatomy and facial expressions are very convincing.
The barrel is not bad, but due to the huge seam will require some work to be presentable. I prefered to exchange it for a barrel from a resin set by Attack.
The bomb trolley isn't bad either, roughly comparable to what Academy has on offer, but nowhere near to the bomb trolley marketed by JK resin.

The three figures in coveralls can easily be put to use in a scene with an AFV, without any modification whatsoever, as coveralls were often worn by tank crews.
While the two figures handling the bomb trolley are still wearing clothes that are compatible with AFV crews, their poses will require a bit more creativity to adapt them to their new service branch.

The instructions are simple and for most experienced modelers overkill.
While the figures might be built by snapping the parts together, glue really is needed to get a convincing fit, whatever the boxtop might claim. Even then, some filling might be needed, based on my experience with other Zvezda figure sets.
I am always wary when buying plastic figures, as most manufacturers use some ungluable vinyl. While the plastic used here is softer than some styrene, it does react very well to glues like MEK. I really mean VERY well, so be careful as the plastic will soften immediately. This is good to get a convincing joint, but it might also mar the detail. Removing the seams with a sharp scalpel is no problem (for as much as removal is needed) and sanding goes smoothly as well.

Three figures were painted as Panzerpioniere

One figure was kept in its original role, towing the JK resin bomb trolley

One figure was kept in reserve. (Note that it is only partially glued and cleaned up at this stage.)


The quality of the figures is very good, but I am slightly disappointed that I didn't get the exact poses that were on the boxtop for one of the figures.
The bomb trolley is good for wargaming standards, but a better one is around if display standards are required.


Review sample purchased by the author.


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31 October 2018

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