German machinegun MG-34
with crew

Kit #: 6106 Review by Rob Haelterman

While primarily aimed at the wargaming community (witnessed by the base with oversized banner, the wargaming stats on the back of the box and the wargaming cards), these figures could be useful within the "display" world. Admittedly, this set is not quite as well or crisply detailed as some of Zvezda's more recent sets, e.g. set 6143. The plastic is also somewhat softer than the more recent sets and reminiscent of that used in the Russian 45mm gun I reviewed.
Inside the small end opening box are two sprues of fairly hard grey plastic. These contain the parts to assemble two identical sets of two figures plus the MG34 they are manning.
The instructions are simple and for most experienced modelers overkill. The figures are very well molded with little flash, but somewhat soft detail overall. The MG34 is used as a heavy machine gun with tripod and is very convincing.
While the figures might be built by snapping the parts together, glue really is needed to get a convincing fit, whatever the boxtop might claim. Even then, some filling might be needed.
I am always wary when buying plastic figures, as most manufacturers use some ungluable vinyl. While the plastic used here is softer than some styrene, it does react very well to glues like MEK (which means we are not dealing with vinyl). I really mean that it reacts VERY well, so be careful as the plastic will soften immediately. This is good to get a convincing joint, but it might also mar the detail. Removing the seams with a sharp scalpel is no problem (for as much as removal is needed) and sanding goes smoothly as well.

The boxtop says that this set is meant for 1939-1942. With the figures lying prone and the most distinguishable features of the different uniforms limited to the chest area (see article here) these figures can easily be used for a couple of years later in the war. Unfortunately, some of the typical equipment for an MG gunner (special pouch, pistol, ...) is not worn by the figures, although one might assume this detail is hidden under the figures.

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Article Last Updated: 11 November 2014

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