German Infantry

Kit #: 6105 Preview by Rob Haelterman

While primarily aimed at the wargaming community (witnessed by the base with oversized banner, the wargaming stats on the back of the box and on the playing card inside), this set is a welcome addition to the figure collection of a static modeler. As usual, the front and back of the box leave little to the imagination. Wait.... this set is different.....
All the sets that I have previously reviewed contain figures that are almost exact replicas of the box art. This set is different. Compare the front and back of the box.

Inside the small end opening box are two identical sprues of fairly hard grey plastic. Each sprue contains five figures, of which only three are different. None of the figures require assembly. While the kneeling and standing figures are close to those depicted in the box art, the third is nowhere near. It is a figure that is walking, which is useful, but nothing like the relaxed figure observing the other two that is seen on the boxtop.
Going into more detail, we see the following:

  • One figure is aiming his Kar98k, but not yet firing. This figure is given 4 times. On the boxtop the rifle is slightly lowered, which would have been more original.
  • One figure is aiming/firing his MP38/40. This figure is given twice. On the boxtop the figure is a little bit more relaxed.
  • Another figure is walking, Kar98k on the shoulder, and looking somewhat ill at ease. This figure is not relaed to what is seen on the boxtop.

The three different figures are all wearing the M36/M40 type uniform (which could easily pass for an M41 or M42 model if you don't pay attention to the tunic buttons) and the November 1939 boots with a somewhat shorter shaft. All figures are carrying full combat equipment and steel helmets.
Height of the figures, from boots to where the top of the head should be (inside the helmet), is 24mm (roughly 173cm). As far as I can tell, these figures have accurate anatomy, gear and uniforms.

The figures are very well molded with no flash and excellent detail overall.

A large part of the sprues are taken up by a banner and base plates, which the display modeler will probably not use (except during painting). For those who are interested, the bases offer the option of grouping the four figures together or giving each figure its own base. The base for grouping the figures is not the same as seen on the back of the box.

The instructions are limited to an explanation of the game system.

Conclusion: the quality of the figures is very good, but I am disappointed that I didn't get the exact poses that were on the boxtop.


Review sample purchased by the author.


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04 June 2018

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