Romanian Infantry 1939-1945

Kit #: 6163

Preview by Jakub Oles - jakub_oles(at)hotmail(dot)com
with additional pictures by Rob Haelterman
Edited by Rob Haelterman


It has been a long time I was waiting for this set to come out. The range of Zvezda's Art of Tactics has been recently supplying us with some great quality 1:72 products.
The German, Soviet and the growing British range are created for players, but personally for me those are one of the best quality made addition minis to small dioramas, which I am a great fan of.

The single sprue contains 4 soldiers, each in a different pose. Minis are snap fitted, which makes for a pretty quick assembly and after filling the tiny gaps with liquid super glue makes them solid for life. Not much flash and the plastic used makes it really firm and good for painting. They can be assembled and fitted onto individual base, or all together onto a larger base with a banner making a gaming "unit".

After a bit of research on Romanian WW2 infantry, those minis are historically accurate. A great addition is a soldier who is carrying a Czechoslovakian made ZB vs.26 gun.

I think it is a great set for anyone interested in the Eastern front and Third Reich European allies. If you want to create a small diorama using those, you'll be satisfied how it might come out for a small price. If your interest is in 1:72 rare subjects, you should check them out. If you're an Art of Tactics gamer and you're planning to add those to your side, maybe skip them, as even so they will look cool on the table, as in real life, in your army by the game card they won't be anything else than just cannon fodder.



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30 September 2015
27 February 2017

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