Warsaw Pact Decals

Manufacturer: YnoT

Eastern Cocktail -1 (#W71 & W71PE) and Eastern Cocktail-2 (#W72 & W72PE)

This relatively new Polish company called YnoT produces two sets of decals for ex-Warsaw Pact vehicles, designed specifically for the resin kits from ARMO, as well as the AER T-34/85. Not only is the subject matter outstanding, but the decals themselves are very, very good. They are incredibly thin, very well printed, and in perfect register. Everything one could ask for in a decal. These sets are also marketed with small frets of photoetched "road priority markings", which are have the 'PE' in their stock number.

The first set, Eastern Cocktail 1, includes markings for the following:

The second set, Eastern Cocktail 2, includes:

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