WWII Deutsches Afrika Korps Refuelling Set

Kit # WFM72011

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

Wee Friends has started to re-release CMSC's metal figures. I think this one used to be set DF13 and is now in Wee Friends' catalogue as WFM72011.

We can be very happy that Friendship Models chose to resurrect this line as these are wonderfully sculpted items (by Tony Boustead). As with almost all metal figures, a seam line is present, but this is very minor and should be easy to remove with a hobby knife. No other casting defects were found in the metal figures. Detail is abundant and facial expressions among the best I have seen in this scale. About the scale: they are labeled as 1/76, but their anatomy and size leads me to believe they would be perfectly suited for 1/72.

You get five figures:
- a figure in shorts hauling two jerrycans; one separate arm and separate head;
- a figure leaning and reading what looks like a manual; separate head;
- a figure in shorts refuelling; one separate arm and separate head;

- a figure with un unbuttoned tunic pumping fuel; one separate arm and separate head;
- a figure in shirt pushing a barrel; two separate arms and separate head.

The separate heads can easily be swapped. These comprise two with a field cap and goggles, one with a field cap without goggles, one with a helmet and one with a helmet with goggles.

To allow the figures to refuel, hoses and pumps are provided in metal with two small instruction leaflets explaining how to use them. 4 jerrycans are also provided apart from those associated with one of the figures.

You also get three oil barrels, which are in resin. These are a bit rough, not entirely straight and have a small amount of air bubbles.

The poses would make for an instant vignette and the figures that are not in shorts would equally be useful for a theatre outside the African continent.

Sample kindly provided by Ian Hanratty of Wee Friends.

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Article Last Updated: 31 March 2010