Modern IDF Infantry

Kit # WFR72010

Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

This is Wee Friends' second set of resin figures; this time sculpted by Patrick Mondria.

I am quite ignorant when it comes to IDF uniforms, so I will mainly comment on the sculpting. (The webbing and gear looks convincing to my eye, but fellow modelers will probably be far more knowledgeable on this matter.)
You get five figures in typical poses for a foot patrol: two kneeling, weapon at the ready, two standing, looking around, and a third progressing warily. All arms and headgear are separate parts (four figures have the choice between a plain helmet and one with a cover, while the fifth has a separate head without cover on his helmet.) The weapons are assault rifles that look like shortened M16s; one has a grenade launcher.
The poses are very natural, with the only remark that the legs look slightly (say 1/4mm) too tall; the facial expressions are very well rendered and "have an Israeli look". Detail is very crisp and abundant.
Casting is almost perfect, without any airbubble, a minute amount of flash, and ever so slight warping for the gun barrels.

Modelers who can comment on the historical correctness of the figures can always contact us.

Sample kindly provided by Ian Hanratty of Wee Friends.

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Article Last Updated: 30 May 2010