1944 German Fallschirmjäger set 2

Kit # WFM72007

Preview by Rob Haelterman heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

Wee Friends has started to re-release CMSC's metal figures. This used to be set DF10 and is now in Wee Friends' catalogue as WFM72007.

We can be very happy that Friendship Models chose to resurrect this line as these are wonderfully sculpted items (by Tony Boustead). As with almost all metal figures, a seam line is present, but this is very minor and should be easy to remove with a hobby knife. No other casting defects were found. Detail is abundant and facial expressions among the best I have seen in this scale. About the scale: they are labeled as 1/76, but the figures measure approx. 23-24mm, and their anatomy leads me to believe they would be perfectly suited for 1/72.

You get five figures and five weapons:
- a drinking MG gunner, with separate arm. The MG42 (which is nicely done) has his hand attached to it.
- a walking figure with rifle and separate arm.
- another walking figure with two separate arms.
- a set of two figures comprising a medic (with a red cross on his shirt and medical pack on his back) and a wounded soldier. The latter has something that looks like a sling around his shoulder to which the MP40 might be attached, but that seems to be to too bulky to fit easily. (I mean, the MP is realistically done, but it's just to big to go there.) Neither does he have the typical MP40 pouches.
- You also get two more rifles and a Panzerfaust. These might be used to equip the third figure, but that will still leave you with at least one spare weapon (assuming the medic is not armed).

The set comes packed in several plastic bags. In the pictures I've grouped the items like arms, bodies and weapons together per bag, as I suppose these are meant to belong together, although I guess you can easily swap arms.

Sample kindly provided by Ian Hanratty of Wee Friends.

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Article Last Updated: 12 March 2010