Pak 40

Manufacturer: Volkspanzer (Kit No. VP0021)

From Stephen Brezinski.

Attached is a scan of a VOLKSPANZER Model co. kit of a resin 1/72 scale German Pak 40 AT gun kit. There are two to the package, bought from Stuempfles Miniatures in 1995 or 1996. The guns are actually resin copies of supposedly 1/76 ARII Pak 40 gun that comes with their Krupp truck kit. The gun is undersize for 1/76, let alone 1/72, has no detail in its original form and even less in its resin form. The third wheel on the trails is actually a feature of the 50-mm Pak 38 though the shield is in the shape of the Pak 40's. No muzzle break is featured. More a toy than even a war-gaming piece.

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