ZSU-37 Models 1943 & 1944
Review by Doug Chaltry - 26 August 2004 Unimodel Kits No. 305 & 309

These two kits replicate two versions of a fairly uncommon 37mm anti-aircraft vehicle used by the Soviets in WW II, with probably less than 200 produced in all. The Model 1943 was made in small numbers, but had to be replaced because of deficiencies in the drive train, resulting in the Model 1944. These vehicles were based on the earlier SU-76 chassis, and likewise these two models are based on the earlier SU-76 kits from UM.

Here are the sprues that are included in both kits (the lower hull and wheels/tracks are the same as in the SU-76 kits):

The following sprues are included only in the Model 1943 kit:

And these next sprues are included only in the Model 1944 kit:

As with all other UM kits, the quality of these models is very good. The molding is pretty good for the most part, with only a couple of sinkmarks that can easily be filled. I like the scale of the gun barrel, though the breach is quite plain, and could use some additional detail. The walls of the fighting compartment are rather thick, though considering their shape, they should be easy to sand on the inner surfaces to a more accurate thickness.

There is a small fret of photoetched brass peices included in both kits, the same fret that comes with the SU-76:

Finally, here are the decals from the Model 1943:

And here are the decals for the Model 1944:

Again, UM has given us a very unique pair of models, and they should be commended for their willingness to market such unusual vehicles, and for doing such a good job at it, as well.

Thank you very much to Chris Kowall for sending in the ZSU-37 (Model 1944) kit.

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