T-34/76 m.1940 with F-34 gun

Kit #: 337 Preview by Marko Mäkinen - mtm66pz(at)yahoo(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

Another good looking T-34 model from Ukraine. This one depicts an early variant with the main gun being upgraded to the F-34 cannon.

The wheels are early solid dishes with separate rubber tyres, which is a very smart layout innovation by UM. The illustration on the box cover shows the tank with older “smooth” tracks but the actual kit comes with later “waffle” style tracks. Either one is correct, but I personally would have liked this variant to be equipped with the older tracks.

The only flaws with the kit are some shallow dents from the cooling of the plastic on the sides of the turret. The part layout also means that the details on the turret backside are omitted and they need to be added by the modeller. Additionally, a complaint must be made against the road wheel axles that are unnecessarily thin and prone to breaking.

I have been a big fan of UM kits, and this kit does not change that attitude.

Marko's follow on build review of this kit can be found here.

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Article Last Updated: 10 March 2011