Self Propelled Gun SU-76M

Kit # 308 Preview by Miro Baric - baricz(at)
Edited by Rob Haelterman

After 170 vehicles of the initial variant of the SU-76, production was switched to a new open-top model SU-76M with a more reliable engine. More than 12000 vehicles were subsequently manufactured from 1943 to 1945.

There are 8 sprues of typical green plastic. Four sprues with wheels, tracks, lower hull and gun are the same as in the kit of SU-76 (No. 304). Only the different parts are shown here. Since the superstructure has an open-top, there is a complete interior for the fighting compartment. PE parts are also the same as in the kit of the SU-76, but most of them are not to be used this time.

Most of the parts are nice. Especially the interior details are good with nice ammunition for the 76mm gun. But there are also faults. There are some sink marks, most notably on both sides of the gun mantlet.

Decals are provided for 4 overall green vehicles. The only variety are different white numbers and unit markings.

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Article Last Updated: 30 September 2009