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StuG III Ausf E

Kit : # 278

Preview by Joe Stauder - jlds62(at)yahoo(dot)com
Edited by Marc Mercier

This is my first UM kit and I was excited to open it up and see what was what. Everything looks great, nice crisp detail, and what looks like a ton of parts, but if you look closely you can see that almost all of spruce C is unused.

The tools are all molded separately, which is great, but only the transmission hatches are separate pieces and they don't go through either. I plan to build it 'buttoned up', so it is okay for my purposes, but I would ruin the model trying to open the top hatches.

There are 2 identical spruces for the wheels/tracks, but I only included one in the photos.

There is a small fret (F) of etched parts, always welcome, but they look more copper than brass to me. Shouldn't be an issue.

The instructions look pretty straightforward, and there are 8 different paint/decal schemes to work with.


All in all, I think it looks great and I look forward to building it, hopefully I can post some photos once it is done.

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Article Last Updated: 18 January 2018