WW2 German tank mechanics with welding set
Kit # TTF002 Preview by Rob Haelterman

Aimed - as so many sets - at the builder of German AFVs, this is a topic that I have not seen treated before, and will come very handy for those wishing to put their "Repairing the Panzers" books to good use. The set offers us two figures and a cart with two bottles that make up the welding equipment. A box and hammer are also provided.

Casting is perfect, with no blemishes whatsoever, but I have some misgivings about the scuplting. While technically perfect, the uniforms are very rigid, by which I mean that the folds don't look too convincing. The caps for instance have an almost perfectly flat top, making them look more like a shako. The creases in the tunics might be passable, if one imagines some thick woolen underwear worn underneath. Alternatively, the modeler could imagine that these figures are not German troops at all, but civilians in heavy duty clothing and stiff caps.

Unfortunately, I have an even more serious misgiving: the kneeling figure's anatomy looks weird, with legs that are far too long (correctable) and with a right hip joint that would interfere with the rib cage. Rectifying the latter pathology will require some audacious application of the modeling scalpel, but it just might be done. If one happens to have a kneeling figure from another set, it might be combined with the head and arms of this figure to make a better looking end-result.

The welding set in itself is very nice, with a strand of solder wire added to make the tubing.

Sample kindly provided by Tracks and Troops.
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Article Last Updated: 14 March 2012