WW2 German Nashorn SPG crew - winter
WW2 German Tank/SPG crew loading ammo - winter
German 8.8cm 43 L/71 ammo & crates
Kits # F001, F003, AC013 Preview by Rob Haelterman -

These are the first figure/ammo sets under the label of Tracks & Troops and they are a very nice start. Not that the sets are extremely original for their choice of depicting German troops and ammo, but the sculpting and quality is first rate. Facial expressions and poses are very realistic, although a bit static. Due to the heavy winter clothing, this might actually be very realistic.
I have chosen to review the three sets together as I feel they somehow share a common theme and thus belong together.

F001: Nashorn SPG crew - Winter

The set is meant as a winter crew for the Nashorn (Hornisse, if you like), and gives the three crewmembers that would man the fighting compartment, plus a round for the 88mm Pak43. I guess that they would fit in with any other vehicle, as long as you make abstraction of the round. The scene in mind would be a crew loading the gun, although in a very relaxed manner, or replenishing the stock of ammo on board.

The three figures wear the specialized winter trousers that slowly started to appear in the winter of 1942-1943. The upper part of their uniforms is rather more varied:
- one has only the Panzer tunic, not the padded overcoat;
- one has an unidentified tunic, tucked into the padded trousers, while the suspenders for the said trousers are undone;
- one has another unidentified tunic, worn over the thick trousers, which has lower pockets. Over that is another unidentified thin vest/jerkin.
All figures also wear gloves/mittens (except one, which has one glove taken off).
Head-dress is original with one figure wearing his steel helmet underneath the hood of his overcoat, while the others have different styles of fur caps with an embroidered eagle.
All arms are separate parts, as well as a pistol holster and binoculars. No other weapons are provided.

The figure with the hood over his helmet has a strange proboscis on the back of his head, which I can only guess being a casting trick to avoid air bubbles accumulating at the extreme end of the mold.

The figures have been darkened with a slight wash to accentuate the details.

The set also comes with an extra pistol holster and binoculars plus one round of Pak/KwK 43 ammo.


F003: Tank/SPG crew reloading - Winter

Continuing on the same theme, this set again gives three figures and an 8.8cm round, but this time also provides a wicker basket and 2-part wooden box for the round. While the set is labeled as "reloading", this might as well refer to replenishing the stock of ammo or loading a round in the breech of the gun. With the leaning figure, a ground mounted 8.8cm Pak43 comes to mind as an alternative to an SPG.

Casting and level of detail is top notch, but one of the standing figures has a rather strange stance, with the legs rather wider apart then I might expect. (Perhaps he is standing astride the ammo box.)

The uniforms are varied.

  • One figure is wearing the traditional greatcoat with a sort of balaclava.
  • One is wearing a thin vest over the hooded parka and a fur-lined custom made cap with a nicely rendered eagle. I have not been able to identify the thin vest (jerkin ?). The parka, while partially hidden, reminds me of the Kharkov parka, although one would need to see the front to make sure.
  • One figure is just wearing a hooded parka, but with breast pockets. It seems the front opening only goes down to waist level, pointing to a Kharkov parka. If so, this set would best be used to depict Waffen-SS troops.
  • All wear heavy mittens and the detail of the fur lining of the parka is very convincing.


AC013: 8.8 cm ammo

This set contains four 2-part (open) boxes (like set F003), 4 closed boxes, 4 wicker baskets (like set F003), 4 rounds (like both sets above) and three empty cartridges. Detail is very nice and casting is perfect.

Samples kindly provided by Tracks and Troops.
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Article Last Updated: 18 July 2013