US Army Pioneer Tool Frame
Kit # AC004 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

This multimedia (resin + PE) set gives you 3 resin shovels, three resin axes, three resin pickaxes, a resin hook (for a winch) and a smell fret of PE to enhance some US softskins (e.g. the GMC).
The pickaxes come as two parts (which might make for an interesting dio possibility), while the PE fret gives frames and fittings for each of the tools. In all, you have enough parts to update three kits.

Resin casting and PE quality is very nice, but I regret not having even the most simple manual to tell me how to bend the frames or mount the tools on them. However, I guess it cannot be unlike the PE parts in the GMC update set by T&T, a picture of which is shown below. A thorough research in the personal library and/or internet will have to elucidate any remaining mysteries.

Sample kindly provided by Tracks and Troops.

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Article Last Updated: 24 January 2011