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Ammo Set for WWII German 38cm RW61 Rocket Launcher L5.4 for Sturmtiger

Kit #: A7204 Preview by - Al Magnus

An excellent set of accessories from a relatively newcomer Thor Hobby. The first five sets are all ammunition for a variety of German guns from World War Two and have been turned on a lathe from either brass or aluminum.

This set is made from turned aluminum. Inside the package are 3 copies of two different fuse types for a total of 6 rockets. The rockets themselves are actually named Raketen Sprenggranate 4851. [1]

Rocket Length (inches) Rocket Diameter (inches) Rocket Length (1/72) Rocket Diameter (1/72) Kit Length (inches) Kit Diameter (inches)
58.07 14.94 0.81 0.21 0.85 0.20

As you can see the rockets in this set are pretty much right on scale for the diameter but a bit too long. Diagrams from the reference below confirm the two fuse types but they appear to be less prominent than on the Thor Model versions so a little sanding of the fuses would probably take off a hundredth or two from the length and make them closer to 1/72 scale. What the rockets do lack is the 32 exhaust nozzles located around the perimeter of the base (see diagram at the right).

There is no instruction sheet to help with colouring of the rockets and which types are exactly depicted by examples included in the set. Modellers will have to find out this information for themselves.

Overall this looks like an excellent set for those wishing to put some ammo inside their Sturmtiger or perhaps in a diorama.

Review sample provided by Bryan Hsu of Thor Hobby.

Reference: [1] Field Rocket Equipment of the German Army 1939-45, T.J. Gander, Almark Publications, 1972 ISBN: 85524 085 7

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Article Last Updated: 24 November 2011