Stug. III Ausf. F8

Manufacturer: TP Models (Kit # T-7251)

From Stephen Brezinski

The kit appears nicely done but the resin casting is not up to par with AL BY or MARS kits. It looks like it'll make a good version of the F.8 version of the German Surmgeschutz. Judging from the parts it appears based on the ESCI 1/72 scale StuG III G kit. The resin tracks do not have track teeth like ESCI's hard tracks and there are other similarities. Parts from Revell's Pz III kit can be substituted to produce a finer display model. The superstructure is cast hollow so the hatches can be cut open for figures (no figures are included). The kit instructions are sorrowfully lacking so ESCI's StuG III instructions are helpful.

The scan of the kit parts is representative of the kit and does not contain all the parts. TP also has other StuG variants including a short barreled kit. Recommended.

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