Manufacturer: TP Model (Kit No. 7211)

From Björn Bäcklund

This is a kit from the Czech firm TP model. I have very mixed feeling for it. The turret and the hull I find OK. Not much airbubbles only a few small ones on the top of the fender where it will be easy to fill and sand. The surface is a bit course but that will give the model a "Soviet look". But I can't say that I'm too happy with the wheels and tracks.

The wheels will need to drill out all of the holes. The problem is that there are resin drops in many of the holes that will make it hard to steer the drill right. The tracks have holes from airbubbles in the resin. I can't say it will be a joy trying to repair those waffle patterns. On the positive side is that all of the small parts is imbedded in a paperthin sheet of resin, so there will be no pouring blocks that has to be removed from those parts which probably should make the cleanup easier.

I have decided to take the wheels from my Fujimi T-34 (well it is in 1/76 scale and have rubbertracks so I will probably not build it anyhow) and use the Revell or Esci T-34 tracks. It's sad that the airbubbles should ruin a otherwise nice kit. The mesh that is moulded on the engine deck is better than many normal plastic kits.

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