Morris Recce Mk1
Review by Robert Langham - 01 March 2006 Kit # 7256

The Morris Light Reconnaissance Car entered production in 1942 and entered service in the same year. Used by the RAF Regiment and reconnaissance regiments of the British Army, it saw wide service and over two thousand of both the Mk. I and Mk. II were built. The main difference between the Mk. I and Mk. II is that the Mk. II has 4x4 drive and a higher suspension, and also the lower hull extends downwards slightly further than the Mk. I, meaning the Extratech 1/72 Morris LRC only builds into a Mk. I.

The boxart shows a Mk. II Morris which is inaccurate but there are very few differences between the two.


The TP Models Morris Light Recce Car Mk. I consists of few parts, with four decal options - the decal options are just eight decals, of two of each for different M series decals which are appropriate for the Morris LRC. There is also stowage for the vehicle included.

The model is crisply moulded, with only a little bit of flash around the edges. As can be seen, the smaller parts come in a thin film of resin which holds the parts together during transport. This is easily removed, however.

The model very accurately portrays the unusual lines of the Morris LRC, my only criticism being the Bren Gun included, which isn't that good, although this can be replaced using Bren Gun in the Extratech WWII British Weapons set. The photo shows all the parts as they come, apart from the turret which has been taken out of the resin film and put in it's place on top of the hull. Highly reccomended kit, and looking forward to building it. The hull moulding is a shell with walls about 4mm thick, so if you wanted to you could open the hatches and build an interior for it with a little skill.


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